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I CRASHED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I totalled my car Tuesday night in a lane police said I rolled it at least 8 times and they couldnt believe any one got out alive, also when I went to the garage the next day to get my tune out the woman wouldnt let me in at first as she thought the driver was Dead...
ANy way point is that the new clio has good safety as me and my passsenger escaped un injured just some cuts and bruises.
Let this be a lesson a Dynamique is no 172 on handling!!

Having totalled my mothers phase 3 in a similar fashion 3 mnths after passing my driving test il second Renaults structural integrity in all the clios.

8 times over though is definately an acheivement, glad u all go out with nothing more than cuts and bruises.

Having a 172 doent let you drive like a dick and get awaya with it! BELIEVE ME!

Glad ur OK mate, have the insurance company let you go and order ur replacement?

Bet ur glad of all those airbags now!

  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

good to see people are driving savely, its cos of people like you i will have to pay £1500 to insure a 172 next month.
  Clio 182, OctaviaVRS

Gareth - steady mate, he didnt say anything about how he was driving, it could have been anything. Just show some sympathy for another enthusiast whos just lost his pride and joy and be glad hes ok and it wasnt you!
  BMW 320d Sport

Gareth I suspect it could be that youre paying £1500 on a 172 because its a fast car.

Id probably pay a grand on one and Im 29.

Nick, youd pay a grand on a 172 if u have not many NCB or a colourful driving history! i got a quote for a new 172 at around £600 and im 26yrs old, 8 yrs ncb (but max was 5) no points/claims etc etc. Parked on a driveway overnight. This was a Direct Line online quote btw.

Let this be a lesson a Dynamique is no 172 on handling!!

let this be the time to slow down to within the drivers and vehicles capabilites and. thank god that no one was on the road at the same time ! - or in fact, that you didnt meet yourself coming the other way.

  Clio v6

Good to hear your both ok.

PS. You wont be needing the 1.2 badge will you?

First class post please. Thanks

My bro rolled his 205 last year, three or four times. He had 1 passenger in it who wasnt waring a seatbelt who flew though the windscreen, the thing is the windscreen didnt break, the force of him flying forward made him push it clean out with his hands and it was left in one piece!

Both of them got out without a single scratch and when the police turned up my bros mate who was drunk (my bro hadnt drunk anything btw) started dancing to the flashing police lights!
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i understand about the sympathy vote, but i think its a fair bet to say that if someone rolls their car atleast eight times they were driving like a bit of a n*b.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Im driving my courtesy 1.2 16v boat and its boaty, but not that boaty! Im suprised you were able to gather enough speed to get it to roll 8 times! Take it easy in future. Think of the poor police/paramedics that would have had to pick up your diced corps......
  BMW 320d Sport

duckson - having to park my car on the road, because I have no garage or driveway, in the roughest part of Southend could have something to do with it as well.

You walked away, be happy
ive rolled a van before, on a main road (bloody animals dashing out in front of me ) so know what its like
It lets you know that your not the boss and that many things can happen on the roads..... scary aint it



  182 Arctic Blue

Sounds like the clio stood up very well to what sounds like a very bad accident! Renault are definitely one of the safest makes of cars always do well in crash tests... although this doesnt mean you should drive like a prat right 2fast?

DD did any/all of the airbags go off?

sorry to hear that mate!! is gonna be a nightmare for a few yrs!

all airbgs goin off in a roll would be scary!!!! and to do 8 rolls, would mean you were flippin around like crazy!!!

just plain crazy!
  Clio V6 255

Animals in the road are just plain scarey. Driving to bournemouth one night in my lovely Saxo I came accross a bull on the other side of the road!! all i could see was its reflective eyes! well scarey, because had it been on my side of the road it would have been beef dinners for 6 months.

Nasty thing was about 10 seconds down the road another car came zooming past from the other way....

Thanks for the sympathy guys I managed to get my install out no problem with no damage thank god. I got loads of pics for the galleries to. Most annoying thing is that I just had a dent took out the drivers door and had it all colour coded the week before gutting!!
What happend was that I was driving through a lane wide enough for 2cars when I came around a bend at about 45 mph ready to boot it on the straight a car was coming toward me on my side of the road with full beams on as i got closer i swerved to avoid it clipped the bank and the car flipped and started rolling one scary experience. THe other car shoot off police think they saw it though... One other gutting thing is that if it happend 3 days earlier I would have hasd a brand new Clio but as it was a year and 3 days old I will have to settle for about £6500.

DD, sorry to hear about what happened mate. Sounds like a very scary experience and one that I hope I never encounter (touches wood).

Any chance of being able to see the pics of the car ? Either by e-mail or on the boards ? Be interesting to see how much damage there was.


Sorry CB, thought it would be thought of like that, I just wanna see how lucky DD is cos I havent picked my lottery numbers yet m8 !
  CTR EK9 turbo

riksy - too true. My courtesy boat can be booted out of corners by holding her on the rev limiter and dabbing the clutch in 2nd, feels like its got 200 bhp!! it would easily keep up with my 172, in fact im going to ask them to swap instead of repairing my car.

Thing is in life is guys that we cant all afford 172s etc so why knock other peoples cars when its there pride enjoy it might not be as fast as yours but they are still quite nippy. And as for being a sh*t drive captain slatterey i wouldnt call being run off the road being a crap driver.


Glad to hear youre alright mate - sounds like the clio stood up well to the accident, which is all that really matters. I agree with what you said about your car - not everyone can afford / wants a faster car than they own... Hell, Id be driving around in an Elise or an Evo if I could afford it, but I cant so hence the 172. Dont take the comments above personally as Im sure they werent intended to be.

I like reading about everyones Clio related tales (except 2Slow4Yous comments) not just 172 owners, so dont get thinking that 2Slow has a point that all 172 owners are smug gits. We arent... Well, some of us maybe...


I didnt say your were a sh*t driver...

but, to roll any car 8 times at 45 mph is damn near bloody impossible..

you should drive to the limit of the road conditions, your capability, and your car..

If you could not see the out route of the corner, you should have slowed down, if you did slow down and saw this other vehicle coming.. you should have slowed further...

a lot of accidents are caused by other cars that dissapear into the night.. oh, and by black dogs..

the local police have a mysterious black county dog - its amazing how it causes soooooooo many accidents.


Smoothed CLio, probably getting a black clio same model boring but got some plans for it my car was going in Total Car Audio as well but now its f***ed yeah I will let you know and we will meet up!



DD, I have been offered a £750 discount will Renault Oldham. the alarm half price and a full tank of petrol. That is on an extreme and gives a price of £8300inc metallic paint. This might be some use. Also you will get the free insurance!!!!!

cheers mate I got a decent price myself on a Dynamique of £8100 with Metalic Paint and mats and all that..Cant get the free Insurance as I got 9 points thanks any way!