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Kangoo dci timing

  2004 RB182 Cup
Good afternoon,

Hoping someone can give me a bit of a steer on this 2011 Kangoo 1.5 dci. I bought it cheap at the end of last year as a non runner. Turns out someone had put a handful of M6 bolts down the oil filler cap! This had jammed the valve on cylinder 4 open and thus the piston clipped it and bent it. Piston was fine so a new head was put on along with new gaskets etc.
I didn't do the work myself as I had alot going on so left it up to a mechanic. Upon him building it all up it refuses to start. It then sat up in his yard for a month or two until I got it back yesterday. It will start with easy start but then stops once its burned the easy start off.
When turning it over it sounds like it's trying to fire but won't actually go. I suspected the timing may be 180 out so I stripped it down and noticed that the fuel pump isn't lined up at the 1 o'clock position when the crank is at TDC. Perhaps a tooth or two out. Would this be enough to cause the issues?

Thanks in advance