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mad scientist mode.. mohahaha

lol.. well, its pissing down here in lancs.. so I thought I would make a start on the nos controller for the 172..

heres a shot of the development kit :devilish::D

the first stage - the PWM pulsoid driver works great.. looking at the ignition r****d next, then the gear sensors (easy) and the programmability (not easy lol)

Nurse.!! ??.. I need me steady pills again...

Joe.. spose it beats watching the telly....

hee hee,

Sylvia, its a simple control box to connect the unit to the pc to program the flash memory in the microcontroller.. did that help lol ??.:)

this is not the actual progressive controller, its my generic microprocessor development system for the PIC (Microchip) series of controllers. once the unit (The main processor or brain) is working succesfully, the chip will be unplugged and a main circuit board made to hold all the other bits n bobs.. but is is the micro that does the work.



  Shiny red R32

Wow, that does sound like mad-scientist stuff. Do you look like a mad scientist Joe, with wild, sticky-up shredded wheat hair and little glasses on the end of your nose, corduroy trousers etc? :p

Probably not.


  Shiny red R32

Did you get my pics I e-mailed you Joe? If so are you going to post them please?


Hi Joe, what sort of pic are you using ? Ive done plenty of projects in assembler, you might be a PIC guru (in the same way you are an engine guru !:D) but let me know if I can lend a hand anytime !


Hi Johnathon !.. nice one m8..

for this project I am using the 16F876 device (You can see it in the pic in the 28 pin socket in the row of 4 sockets (3 empty).. the dev board is the bluebird millenium unit with EPIC programmer used in an in-circuit-programming mode. The assembler / interpreter is the Crownhill PicBasic Plus.

What sort of stuff have you done with the PIC, its a great series of devices.. the biggest problem I have is the lack of math routines when doing, for example, interpolation of 2 fixed values.

I am always coming up against brain numbing problems and would welocme some inout. I will drop you a line if ok ??


Hi Joe,

yes they are fantastic devices. Ive been using the 16F873, so basically the same chip, mainly because of the uart for RS232 stuff. I use Microchips MPLAB/MPASM but agree doing maths is the fiddliest bit ! Anyway you should be able to message me and we can swap more mad scientist type info before everyone else starts to think we walk arround in white coats with a row of pens in the pocket !


lol, nice one m8.. used to use the mplad and mpasm but foind the picbasic interpreter really excellent, the nice thing is you can drop to machine code any time for accurate timing.

will send you the code with comments when more is done if you like. ?

ps - what are you working on with the 873 ?.


Wish I understood a word of what the Captain was talking about...sounds do you know all this wonderous stuff Captain??

Hi Joe,

(apologies for this bit not being Clio related and of no interest to anyone else, youl have to mail me !)">

Sounds great, would be interested to have a look, I havent realy tried anything other than MPASM with PICs.

With the 873 I have built some self contained flow sensor / displays for work. The flow sensors I used output in RS232 which makes the whole thing realy easy.

Also built a clock that synchronises to the Rugby time signal using a reciever module that outputs in RS232, displays full time & date onto a VFD display, looks realy nice.

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Joe?? You mean youre Nitrousing your TURBO 172 as well?? Sheesh!!!! You might even be able to keep up with me then.....;)


It looks massive! where do you put it in the car?, some where in the front of the cabin i presume. i cant work out all this technical jargon im a simple soul.