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My Mk1 back on the road and legal after 5 years!

  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
So she is finally Mapped MOT'd Taxed and Insured!

its a bloody hooligan!





  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
She has been road mapped to perfection! Its so so smooth despite the cams in there its got a perfect idle...

Needs her clutch changing to my own idiocy lol (oil contamination...) slips in 4th and 5th :(
and some wiring issues have caused problems with the dash2 to display incorrect data from the ECU. So its back to race tech to sort out that!

then a tweek on a dyno, no idea of figures... and tbh its never interested me at all! Its pretty mad as it is lol
  Cup In bits
Very nice...... the bumpers do need straightening but other than that its lovely. Is that Porsche grey?
  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
It's Renault D60 lunar grey ;>)

Front bumper is missing a support bracket just got one on the bay lol

Just fiddling with launch control..... Sounds like anti-lag. Lol
  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
Looks awesome. So cool. What's the spec on it mate?

Massive lol excuse the copy and paste.....

F7R 700 2.0-litre 16-valve (from a Williams Clio)
Kent RN2002 260 cams
Timed in By the ClioLord
Piper Verlet Manifold (modified for brake servo)
Jenvey TB45I 45mmx118mm Throttle Bodies
Jenvey 40mm Trumpets
Pipercross sausage filter
Pipercross filter backplate
Omex 600 Standalone Fuel Management with V70D Firmware
F7r 714 Wastedspark Coilpack
F7r714 Cam cover modified to fit 700 head
Brand New e Engine Loom
Brand New Interior Loom
Brand New Auxiliary Engine Loom
Brand New Interior Rear Loom
Custom Fuse Box
Mocal 13 row Oil Cooler
Mocal Thermostatic sandwich plate
K-Tec Racing Low Temperature Thermostat
K-Tec Racing Low Temperature Fan Switch
Custom Oil lines
Full set of Orange Samco Hoses
Samco Vacuum Hosing in Orange
Janspeed Mild Steel Exhaust
Mongoose Exhaust
Straight-through de-cat
Braided fuel lines
Group A 4th gearbox/subframe mount
F0xy 5th Subframe Mount
Rotated Standard new Dogbone mount
PhAT Live Map

Jc5 014 rebuilt williams gearbox
F4R Flywheel
Valeo Clutch 215mm Clutch
New Genuine Renault Clutch cable
K-Tec Racing Short Shifter
Bolt In Diff Conversion

Wilwood Dynalite 120-6805 calipers
Poly E brake pads
Custom Designed, Alloy Brackets
S/S braided Hoses (2″ longer then std) x2 with the correct fittings
High tensile bolts
259mm Red Dot grooved discs

brand New Williams Shocks
Unknown springs -55mm
Rear Torsion bar adjusted 2 clicks and Bias valve adjusted
Williams wide-track conversion
Powerflex Poly Bushes all round
Manual Steering
Custom Cages international multipoint cage

Wheels & Tyres
Williams Speedline 7×15-inch wheels (road)
Painted 727 red
195/50/15 Yokohama Parada Spec 2

Power tbc
estimated a genuine 190bhp 160lbs ft