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My Silky Ignis Sport

  Listerine & Poledo
I'm looking at these quite seriously now.
Except that, much like the saxo, their piss-cheapiness had led to some abysmal JDM-chavism, the likes of which can only be equalled by a mk.1 1.6 MX5 with a UK VIN number and dildo shifter.

I mean, FFS, there's a garage selling what looked like a great motor....then the interior shots revealed it'd been stripped and the Recaros replaced by some hideous not-Cobras..
For some reason there was a bin-bag suspended in where the boot was too.
  Swift Sport
...I saw that one too.

Best bit about the Ignis is after all the faffing about I've done with all of mine I can honestly say they're pretty much best left alone. Yes, it'll corner better on coilovers but you'll be in a wheelchair with no spine within 12 months!


ClioSport Club Member
  Superleggera'd Bean
That Bean in the picture was purchased last week! Tidy up the exterior, new wheels and leave it alone! Or at least that's the plan.

@Mr Burns I was fine after 26k miles on those coilovers! Was a lot more comfortable with a decent harness with the fixed bucket. Was good up north doing 1500 miles in August!

I need to see this bin bag inspired one!