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ne1 into Beautiful South (OT) !

Seriously.. I love that band.. anything they do is kewl..

got the 6 stack cd in the UnoSeptDeux filled at the mo... (Sad, yep )

Ill sail this ship alone is me favourite...

at home, I have a nice Arcam cd72 player, Yamaha processor with Marantz monobloks.. feeding a pair of Tannoy DC3000s.. (If you see em, buy em !.. you wont get better !) - Not used for cds - but for D5.1, I have a pair of Kef Codas at the rear and a Tannoy centre with full shielding.. for dvds its hooked to a Tosh RP Tv at 61" viewable..

The sub is disabled, the mains can rock the neibourhood lol.!!

funny how ya go through certain phases in music... but at the mo.. they is he head honcho..

Am I getting old(er)

is anyone else into this sh*t ???


ps.. Jilly.. you DO NOT reply lol... sheeeeeeeesh

Yeah Paul Heaton did a gig down at the Leadmill in July. Was gonna go but had other things on....

Word has it hes well in with the BBC lot, who knows how true that is...