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New discount on RR tuning etc.

BB tuning wanted £370 for a chip n decat excluding VAT and INCLUDING our discount so I phoned around and after a meeting and chat with the bossman I bagged us a deal with Sheppard Racing.

(David) Sheppard Racing Ltd

Heckworth Close,



01206 852900

At first they will give us 5% discount which will climb if they get a lot of business from us.

They are doing my Chip N decat on Wednesday this week, set up on the rollers if I wish. Blinding price of £360 including everything. They are going to make a one off pipe for this price, cant be bad.

Oh yeah, They are real nice people over there too.

*cough* The guvnor is trying to sell a *cough* 800 Bhp chevy engine :)...if only...

Have fun guys and use these ppl.


so a nice club organised RR day in the summer time would make the guy happy and get our discounts higher!!!

sounds like a plan!

cue - Nick ->

Yep they are well up for a RR day, they mentioned the like of maxy p and FC keep foning them coz they wanna shoot a RR day there.......