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New Memeber, Essex

  CLIO Iceberg 172
Hi guys
names dave
located in essex

Im a new member and a proper noob when it comes to the clio.

iv recently bought a 2001 mk2 clio 172, silver with 29k on the clock.

up untill recently iv been driving a Rover Metro GTI MPI and before you guys judge the metro belive me if they made newer ones i would still have one lol

i chose the clio mainly cos it was quicker than my metro and the insurance was only just a bit more.

the car is absolutly gorgus to drive and i feel a bit safer knowing its got airbags. (the metro dosnt even have crumple zones)

i will prob have a fare few questions which i hope some of you guys can answer for me due to this being my first clio.

The site looks good with a good layout of forums
can i ask if there is any way i can do a search just by word and not having to scroll through page after page to find an previos answer...?

and please forgive my spelling its not one of my strong points lol

hi to you all



ClioSport Admin
  LY 220 Trophy
I think we will have to get another meet organised for Southend when the weather improves slightly..
  6/468 17poo
Dave!!! if this is the dave who i went to uni with at apu (s**t hole) you always slaaaaated clios i do believe!!!!

it must be you going by the user name!

how many times at uni did i rave about this site,and you laughed it off for metros!

pay the joining fee fella!

  CLIO Iceberg 172
yes i know dude lol but i have been converted cos i found somthing faster than my metro........ lol

i got a 172 clio RS
we should meet up one night at the weekend if ya not busy


ClioSport Club Member
Welcome Fella, There is the Search Tab at the top of the Forum but tracking down previous owner through here might not be so easy, post some Pics of it and someone may recognise it
  CLIO Iceberg 172
"Are you the guy who bought the Irish import on Autotrader?"

yea thats me....ill try and get some pics up
"Are you the guy who bought the Irish import on Autotrader?"

yea thats me....ill try and get some pics up

It looks really clean. I was going to see it too, but decided it was to far to Portsmouth if it turned out to be a lemon. Should have taken a punt. Hope you like it.

I got mine 2 weeks ago and the novelty of flaming pretty much anyone who tries it on still hasnt gone yet.
  CLIO Iceberg 172
yea i took that chance. i thought i would kick my self if i dont go and at least see it. i know it looked too cheap for the miles. but i think its mainly down to the fact it is low miles that it is so cheap....(bare with me!)
it needs a service and the belts doing as its now 7 years old and i dont have any records of it ever being done. so the money i saved on the car im just giong to have to spend on getting it all serviced although im mega happy with the inssurance cost the same as my 1.4 metro SWEET! lol