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Newish member. Bought a 182 FF.

  Clio Campus 1.2
Hi folks.

Picked myself up a 182 FF back in November which unfortunately stopped running a week later. Made a good winter project out of sorting it all out and it's back on the road again now so seemed like the right time to share on here. The car's been owned by at least one cliosport member in the past as I got a folder full of cliosport gear with it, maybe someone knows said previous owner (reg NX54 PBZ)? Been a bit of a lurker on here for a few years since I owned a 1.2 campus and this forum's been a lifesaver over the last few months while sorting a heap of problems the 182. It was suffering from the infamous fast flashing immobiliser light and 3 second cranking limit. With mine it turned out to be the battery feed to the ECU had corroded where the loom runs over the gearbox. Also needed a sump gasket replacement as it was leaking oil like a sieve. Now just to sort some minor stuff which I'm sure I be able to find a guide for on here somewhere. Anyway loving my 182 so far. Stay safe everyone, cheers.


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