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People in Sheffield or S.Yorks

Id definitely be up for a ClioSport mini rolling road meet in this area if anyone else is thinking of going along?

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

I know one in Rotherham and 2 in chesterfield. Ill get the numbers later when im home from work if you want them

Everyone will be disappointed with the figures if we go to John Nobles in Chesterfield, as they actually seem quite realistic, rather than the super-high figures most people are expecting!!! ;)

Having said that, theyd be my rollers of preference because:

a) Really friendly, knowledgable guys... b) Realistic power figures. c) LOADS of space for parking. d) Not too pricey (normally).

So, would anyone be up for a ClioSport rollers day in Chesterfield? Ill post this in the Meetings section if so...


Id rather go somewhere that has a reputation for giving real results rather than inflated ones...! Definitely interested once I get the Williams.
  clio williams, Ph1 172

I got mine set up at motortune but I didnt get a graph, was just a thing wrote out :( How much it it to just have a readout somewhere?

I was happy with the 147BHP that my cars producin but Id rather have a graph.

Id be up for a meet if a load of us got together and got em on the rollers

Lets get a thread together on the meeting part for sometime next month. Give a chance for everyone to get sorted....... plus I dont get my 1600 till feb;-)

I would be up for that too....i think john noble have recently updated their hardware to some whizzy new stuff

Could be good



I make that about 7 people interested. Ill put something on the meetings board. ANYONE INTERESTED PLEASE POST YOUR NAME ON THERE. I wont be able to organise it as I dont know of any (As the reason for this post??)