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Removing Dash

Could anyone email me the dash removal guide as i need to replace my tweeters as one has blown. I have looked through the site but cant find anything.

any help appreciated.


could you please email me that as well please, ive been waiting for 2 months now to join the clio sport club so i can see the dash removal guide because i have the same problem.

cheers, again">

11 screws to take out, sides, behind strips, screen air vents, remove a pilars and rubber, then slide top of dash forward, then lift up and out, reverse to refit....

And Shaunyboi - keep with the forum, the change will be worth it, and you shouldve joined the forum 2 months ago when you wanted to join the club ;-) not wait a month before joining the forum ;-) :p


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Roamer is spot on.

There is only 1 way really. its worked for me if followed carefully....only just helped out Dan Page with his one a few days ago....hes had nightmare with it in the past !

Just take it slow and easy if ur not to confident....other then that keep all the screws safely when you take them out

  BMW e46 320 Ci Sport

i heard u can take out the tweeters without removing the dash, apparently u can twist the covers off...try that.


  RS 182 - Black Gold

tweeter covers come off easily by a twist.

But you wont get them off by simply taking the covers off. they are slightly out of place from the holes,

and also the screws etc holding them in are way to far out of reach.

Only way is to get dash off.
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Where is this guide cannot find it in the members area???????

Is there a guide for mk1 clios too?