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Replacing full wing mirror

  Renault Clio
Hi everyone and happy new year.

I've searched high and low for the answer to this on youtube, google etc and can't seem to get a concrete answer, my manual also doesn't help.

My right wing mirror was knocked off a couple of weeks ago by some %^%& which after a bit of arguing and what not, has finally been replaced. I was able to get the existing wing mirror back on but it's all exposed and a bit flimsy. However, I can't seem to fathom how to remove the full wing mirror - any ideas?

I drive a 2013 medianav clio if that helps?

Essentially, I have this....

I noticed a tiny circular panel in the interior drivers door, which when removing the flap, contained a screw that could be removed but the wing mirror still remains attached. Is there something I'm missing...?

Thanks in advance for your help.
  Renault Clio
Hi - can anyone help with this or am I looking at a garage job as there doesn't appear to be an obvious solution?!
  Mk2 1.2 Campus
If you’re talking about the one where the door handle is then that’s one of many that you need to remove. You need to remove the door card then you can access the mounts for the mirror.
  Mk2 1.2 Campus
Unfortunately I’m in a similar situation, some undesirable has kicked the mirror off our mk4, along with many other cars in the car park.

It’s the passenger side that’s damaged and needs the full mirror replacing. Does anyone know where the temperature sensor is on a mk4. I know mk2 is under the passenger with mirror but I can’t see anything on the mk4 to suggest it’s there and I can’t remember where it was when I had a mk3.