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Should Air Con leave a puddle.........

under the car when you park up after having it on?? Have noticed water dripping from the drivers side of the car leaving a medium sized puddle which seems to only occur after Ive been running the air con, is this normal???

  ex Clio 172 owner :(

Its condensation. As the unit works, atmospheric air condenses on the outside of the aircon and drips down.

Great, what I was hoping for!! Why isnt there some sort of channel for it to drip from, it was drpping from an engine mount which is why I got concerned and thought it couldnt be right!

Thanks a lot.
  BMW 120i Sport

well thank god for that,

I started the car up yesterday in the soaring heat, flicked the air con on to "mini", got out the car to put my golf clubs in the boot and saw something p!ssing out the bottom of the car.

"not something else gone wrong?!" i thought, but i could see it was just water and I thought it was the air-con. Seems like its a common thing, nothing to worry about.

Its deffo the air con rather than a leaking washer bottle as it only happens when Ive been running the air con, not worried now but I was as its my first air con car and didnt know it happened, I was checking the header tank first of all thinking Id got a hole in a pipe or something.