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Silicone Hoses

Depends what levels of boost youre running... if youre running standard then theyre not needed, as the existing rubber ones will be up to the job. they will allow you to hold boost a tad better, but again its not really a factor if youre running a stock set up. up the boost a bit and they will definately help, as the rubber ones werent designed to take excessive pressure. my mate put 1bar thru his standard hoses on his XR4 and they lasted aproximately 2 days. now hes running around 1.2bar on samco jobbies and it holds up fine

Water hoses! Yep, they look better, but are far stronger. Old hoses tend to split, especially with standard saggy engine mounts. I got fed up with them keep splitting, so changed to samco and never had a problem again. My carb trumpets used to rub against the heater matrix pipe when accelerating hard. The samco ones didnt rub through either.

  BMW 320d Sport

They look wicked and can be kept clean easier. The benefit is that they basically wont ever split, like normal rubber hoses will as they perish over time. Also when Im working on the engine after a run, I used to quite often scald myself on the water hoses, but with silicone they dont seem to transfer the heat through so much, they feel hot but you realise it and move your hand away before it burns you.