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Snow Chains

Hi Guys,

I want to take my Mk2 172 for a skiing holiday,(theyre supposed to learn parallel turns very quickly)

Renault UK say that you cant fit snow chains to a UK Spec 172, but dont appear to know why.

Can any of our European posters tell me what you have to do to fit chains?, or are Euro spec cars different re wheel sizes etc. IIRC youre not allowed to sell/drive a car in France if you cant fit snow chains.

P.S. Ive been asking Renault uk and the dealer since MARCH, when I bought the car. to clarify.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Id be amazed if you cant get some to fit. I suppose you could always buy some and try them out. As long as you havent lowered the car a lot I cant see that it would be much of a problem. Youd need to have the car fully loaded for your test of course. You can get pretty sophisticated chains these days - much better than the old things that took an hour to fit and took all the skin off your fingers.