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*****South East Bowling Pics*****

  Mk2 172 (Silver)

having the sh*ttiest day ever today.

will try and get them up tonight.

[Edited by Pootle to say sorry for the delay on 10 March 2005 at 2:39pm] :(
  Mk2 172 (Silver)

as promised!!
ive lightened most that were dark, but you may need to turn your monitor brightness up full!!
(hope they all work ok...theres strange goings on with some of the pages for me!) Bowling League ;)

most demonstrate dave182s unique technique....this one including ball mid-flight halfway down the

si taking a

tom needing a little


  911 GTS Cab

LOL, very funny pics!

I love 28 and 29 although im not sure which forces were keeping me up!

At the beginning it looks like a christmas party!;)

Anybody reckon I should go for a roll in Riverdance?
  Mk2 172 (Silver)

Quote: Originally posted by Bubbles on 10 March 2005

Lots of arse... good one Em ;)
LOL there would have been ALOT more if id have posted the ones they took of me!! :oops:

its safe dave...its with all the others...;)


  911 GTS Cab

Tom, maybe ive just seen your score and am pleased that i am not that sh1t at bowling!


  Pink/Blue 182

Ummmm....thanks for that one of me LOL....i look half asleep and we hadnt even started at that point ! LOl..

some classic pics though Em


  Pink/Blue 182 did u see my score in that first game !!...i doubt very much you could score lower than that !! lol