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Sunday Brunch 4th of January North Weald.


ClioSport Club Member
Small meet before we get into the swing of things next year.

Sunday Brunch at the Wings Cafe North Weald at 10:30am

Come down and have a fry up.

rs 1an

South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
Suzanne and i will come, just have to try and get sunday night off, shame it wasnt today im off tonight.


  RS2'ed 172 Cup
Can't make this one as I'm out for a Family Meal (Clios off the road as well).

Will deff head down for the next.


ClioSport Club Member
  A Yellow One
If you're only virtually working, you can use my iPad as a wi-fi connection and work from the cafe?
Brendan.... I know technology is great and all but how dafuq do I teach someone to drive via Internet connection....?
  Listerine & Poledo
Brendan.... dafuq..?

Skype, to a dash cam?
Stick a blow up doll in the pass. seat with a fetching red wig on, dressed appropriately.


How about, you do a 2hr lesson, they drive you down, do a load of bay parking and j-turn practice for their test at the airfield, then, I dunno, their mum picks em up?


ClioSport Club Member
This may be a quite a large turn out.
A few guys off may attend.
Also there is a Aircraft Fly in on at the same time at the Squadron. which is like a car meet for planes so bring your cameras.


ClioSport Club Member
This is shaping up to be quite a healthy number of cars attending.
Prob about 10-15 cars plus whatever the East Coast Mini guys turn up with.
Be a good chance to be able to compare a Mk2 172, Mk2 182 , Mk3 197, Mk3 200 and a Mk4 200t.
All we need now is a Willams and a Vee and we almost have a full set.


ClioSport Club Member
Just got to put the responsible hat on for the moment .

Could I remind those who have been before and also inform some of the new members that maybe attending
This is an active airfield where cars and Aircraft share the airfield. Please all keep to the posted speed limits and maintain a good driving standard.

Please DO NOT cross any runways unless using the crossing points at the end of the runways.
Please pay attention to the signal lights at the crossing points.
The aircraft have the right of way so please try to remain clear of any taxing aircraft.
You may be able to see them but they may not be able to see you.

Everyone is usually well behaved.
Any dangerouse driving or speeding is usually dealt with by the airfield security. Which may cause us to be denied access in the future.

Cheers guys


ClioSport Club Member
Me and Alex will be there as well. Looks like a good one! Going to be cold though according to the forecast but hopefully no rain!