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Thanks to everyone at Donny South

Just thought I would thank everyone who was on the ClioSport stand as it was a pukka weekend (apart from early mornings).

Considering it was our first show we had a very good turnout and I would say probably one of the best car club stands there.

Hopefully next year we will have a stand for most of the shows as i feel that Donny South was a big succsess on our behalf.

Anyway- big thanks to Nick and Jas for sortin it.

And to continue with a top weekend I am going to Kavos tommorrow (just as the whether is good here)!!! WICKED!



ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

Cheers Kev.

I also want to thank everyone who came along, it was an excellent weekend, and I also thought our stand was one of the best (but then I may be biased!!!)


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

And very importantly a big Thankyou to John for sorting out the marquee. Cheers!

Big Shout to the Clio Sport massive!!! Easily the most orgainsed stand and with the biggest numbers as well, even out did the Saxos so cant be bad!! Cheers for the weekend Marcus (Rusty black 16v!)

I agree sun was a much better day. It got better when I saw one of the top 0-60 times of 2.60 sec it later topped that at 2.57 I think
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah same message from me, big thanks to everyone who turned out for the club, you really did us proud, and we defintely did have the best stand with the most cars - you could tell by the amount of models that kept wandering over!

A brilliant weekend and definitely thanks to John (and Clare) for sorting out the massive show tents we were in and bringing the van to stash all our bits and pieces in, we truly couldnt have had such a top notch stand without you mate.

top notch weekend

well worth while but as mentioned the early starts were a killer,

wicked stand and it looked very proffesional. not to suck up too much but our club was easily the best and most organised. an even bigger pat on our backs conisdering the club is just over a year old

how many new members did we sign up over the weekend ????

good to meet a few new faces too


Had a good time, wish id come on the sunday now (Jakki alone would have been worth it) What did that 0-60 time? Whens the next show?

much as me and my non clio owning/luving mates wanted to annoy glenn by pointing out how gash the clio sport stand was (he is always going on about cliosport this cliosport that) we couldnt - you guys did well and for that i take my hat off to you, i rekon tho that u shud have got glenn to bring his car as it was definately comparible with some of your show cars.


ps check out various pics from donny at > stuff > donny, also did any of u see me and my mate? we were onthe kicker stand with a blue beetle with a shed load of ICE in it.
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah Steve you missed all the girl action mate. I think the 0-60 was a Chevy. There were two Skylines that had banged in low 3s then the Chevy caned them both, 2.60 then 2.59!

BSNC If Glenn ever wants to come all he has to do is ask!

It was a very good weekend. The stand was the best club stand there. We had more cars than any other stand too.

Thanx to everyone who turned up and a special thanx to the people who organised it all. Gotta have a stand at every show now.
Whats next Trax?

  172 sport,

yeah i agree need to be more regular to look the part although the will i polish the paint off might come up after a bit but have to say wicked weekend all round glad i stayed over too even if i was subjected to UB40 most of the night all in all top show cant wait till the next one

  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah but Chris it werent just UB40 going on that Saturday night was it!

Too late to book up Trax now, the deadline was a few weeks ago.


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

BSNC, I walked past your stand when you cranked up the stereo in that beetle. Nearly shook my teeth out! Wicked!

Being A Vr6 driver, and being part of the clio sport stand, unbiased opinion........ Biggest stand, best arranged, Thx to nick and his artistic flair. Biggest turn out, but what we needed was sumone with sum stupidly massive system on the blow, people get attractive by noise! SUMONE SHOULD OF SHOT THAT MC ON THE REDLINE STAND! Couldnt sleep in manches car!! Woke up twice to see people with cameras pointed at us! Man shoulda went to sleep on sat nite! Good Show whens the next??? Hey im gonna do the same as that bloke on the Peugot add, mash me golf to look like a clio! Good turn out everyone see u soon me hopes!

My suggestions for next year:

1. Paddling pool
2. Cliosport girls
3. A PA system and decks

...oh, and not forgetting a VIP area with full on-site catering!

Maybe you should up the membership fee now Jas so we can put this plan into action!!


ClioSport Admin
  Audi A4 v6 & Clio

Its a perfect excuse for a party really!!! Next time whoever is showing their cars pays an extra fee, say £10, to put this plan into action!!! Ill happily pay an extra tenner!
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah Helen was a bit cagey on price but I reckon well have to get her for next year.

The pool will be cheap at least.