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To buy or not to buy!

Hi everyone

Im new here and I need some honest advice. I was all ready to buy a brand new 172 (not cup), but Im starting to have second thoughts after test driving.

I test drove a 2nd hand mark 1 Clio 172 Exclusive because the dealer didnt have any normal 172s (let alone mark 2s) in stock. Now, Im guessing that the mark 1 will pretty much be the same sort of drive as the Mk2?

I currently drive a Punto GT Turbo, and there is no way the 172 felt faster - in fact, it felt slower off the mark, but that could be to do with the turbo making the Punto feel quicker than it is.

The drive was nice. The handling and ride were good. I liked the interior and I love the look, but I cant put my finger on whats holding me back.

My whole reasoning for buying a new car was to dump reliability issues of older cars. I want something new and trouble free, but I cant take a performance drop otherwise Id get fedup. I know the 172 is quicker on paper (to 60 and to 100) but that isnt everything. It was great over 5000rpm and I was often amazed when I looked at the speedo during the test drive, so it could just be that it is less crude than the Punto and you dont feel the power as much.

Anyone got any gems of advice for me? I do like the car, but Im just feeling apprehensive as with any new car, youve got to stick with it for a few years so as not to get into a negative equity situation, and Im just wondering whether the car has the longevity that I need it to!

Any comments appreciated



  Shiny red R32


No need to be apprehensive! Just go for it, you know you want to!

You just need that little bit of encouragement and coming on to a Clio website, I would imagine that nearly eeryone here would recommend that you go for the 172. Just look at all the goodies which come as standard and the gorgeous seats and pretty nice interior.

Just take a look inside the new Mini and see how awful that is compared to the 172.

Is there anyone near you who would take you out for a drive?

Hope you make the right decision!


It sounds to me as if youve come on here to be talked into buying the 172!

Youve been over the issues already in your mind. You know why the Punto feels faster, though the Clio actually is. You could always dunp some of the soundproofing and other refinement oddities that the modern car buyer demands!

My money, in my situation, would be on a Mk1 172, Williams or 16v - and use the surplus to fund a city runabout.