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Turbo conversion

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ClioSport Club Member
Looking at a turbo conversion for my 182 this year. Its a 2nd/weekend car so not an every day user needing it for getting to work. Done a load of research on here reading up on what seems to be the 2 main guys CT and ED. if theres anybody else people recommend please let me know and i'll look into it.

Wanting to go for the engine rebuild at the same time so looking at the CT 330 kit at around 5k, against the ED 280 kit at 5.6k

seems like a no brainer really the ct kit gives 50bhp more and is less money?? but ED can get it in a lot sooner with a quicker turn around,
CT change rods ED dont, seem to get alot more spec with CT. ED have been doing conversions 10 years+ with lots of

Really finding if difficult to make final decision any suggestions or pointers will be great

what are peoples thoughts and pros and cons that maybe ive not thought of?

cheers chris
  172 Turbo
High boost is a lot of fun, however, it depends on your usage of the car, do you really need 300bhp on the road in a Clio? 5k, low boost + diff, perfect


ClioSport Club Member
There are plenty of high boost kits running fine, The 330bhp kit is excellent. I nearly went low boost but sooo glad I didn't. I know of at least 3 people that have gone low and got bored and then converted to a forged set up. This is obviously not cost effective.


ClioSport Moderator
I think the links to the reviews that have been posted should help you towards making a final decision. There is a lot of owners on here that have written about their experiences with both CT and ED, so it's worth a search or a look through the projects section.

I'm going to lock the thread now @chris82a to stop it descending into silly posts/swipes etc that contribute nothing to your original post.
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