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What 2 DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im stuck i aint got colour coded bumpers and i cant afford a body kit YET so is it guna have to be an exhaust or will it look stupid

You could try colour coding them yourself with the halfords spray paint but you could end up bodging it. If you do it right it will be a very cheap mod.

What clio you got then?

Shouldnt cost too much, £6 a tin for the paint and primer which were on offer 3 for 2 in my local halford last time i was there. If you take your time, sand them down first and do it all properly it isnt that hard. I did all my bump strips for and £10.

Good luck, what mods have you got at the mo?

You have to be careful when spraying plastic bumpers as it actually takes a couple of days (its to do with the paint setting)