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  1. 20vKarlos

    My Skoda Superb...
  2. 20vKarlos

    Bargain Clio WRC car....

    You’LL, be gLad to know, when, I purchase, this car, the Lad’s agreed, to Leave, £7,000 in the gLovebox. He said, “you’LL Love this LittLe Lady puLLer! beLieve it, or not, they fLock towards this LittLe RenauLt. The moister from aLL the Ladies over the years, must be why the siLLs are rusty!
  3. 20vKarlos

    Mckosi Racing 182

    Looking to be a really cool build thread. How hard did you find the hub bearing to replace?
  4. 20vKarlos

    Kangoo Compact (aka Racevan3)

    This looks bloody quality!
  5. 20vKarlos

    Centre Caps

    NINETY FIVE QUID!! :eek::oops:
  6. 20vKarlos

    Centre Caps

    Lepsons did them £240 15 to 18 inch in the ‘standard colours’ are all around £240. Retail might be slightly more but I had them done through a mates garage For the time and effort it would’ve taken me to get this finish, I’m happy to be three sheets lighter to be honest :ROFLMAO:
  7. 20vKarlos

    Centre Caps

    Evening all, Just got a set of Renault 15’s Refurbished and need a set of centre caps. Where can I get a new set please
  8. 20vKarlos

    Snapped two bolts! Now what?!!

    P.S. is the FARB going to be a b*****d to refit now it’s got poly bushes... YES! Most definitely
  9. 20vKarlos

    Snapped two bolts! Now what?!!

    Will they be alright with three bolts in each side? I’m not one for bodging stuff, but if it continues to be a prick to sort! It’ll have three bolts ??
  10. 20vKarlos

    Snapped two bolts! Now what?!!

    I don’t have a welder and I’ve tried drilling... I’ll give it another go though. ?? I don’t believe so, if it were that easy, I’d have just been able to punch them out though, surely? One is on the subframe, the other is on the body of the car. This would be perfect, but I don’t have a...
  11. 20vKarlos

    Snapped two bolts! Now what?!!

    Guys, last night I was taking the subframe supports off so that I could then drop the FARB to polybush it and I’ve had a bolt snap on both sides! I tried my very best not to snap them but the more I removed, the more likely it was to snap! I have tried to drill them both out but they’re high...
  12. 20vKarlos

    Road Trip/Tour 2019!

    Are you a Sheep? ???
  13. 20vKarlos

    Road Trip/Tour 2019!

    September is very busy for me at work, but I may be a lengthy to sneak a few days off... Put me in the maybe pile... once hotels are picked and numbers are in, I should have an idea of what dates I’ll be able to take. Plus, I need to organise my Ireland trip still ?
  14. 20vKarlos

    My Garage build Racetoy, clio 1.

    Looking good