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Recent content by andy_con

  1. andy_con

    Heated rear window not working

    ? who knows how magical car electronics works?
  2. andy_con

    CNC thread (porn inside)

    Halloween porn
  3. andy_con

    Triggering External Flash on Android

    what about if you want to use the front camera which doesn't have a flash?
  4. andy_con

    Triggering External Flash on Android

    CS knows everything right? ;-) google hasn't come up with any proper solutions. anyone know of anything? I want to be able to trigger a external flash from a tablet/smart phone
  5. andy_con

    Home cctv and phone apps? recommendations please!

    ive just purchased a brand new hiwatch dome to plug into my old hikvsion nvr, the quality isn't very good at all. the image is better on my year old hiwatch dome camera. is this likely to be due to the age of my nvr?
  6. andy_con

    Smart watches.. talk to me?

    I'm in the market for an android smart watch, any recommendations? Thd fitbit one looks Hood
  7. andy_con

    Tumble Dryer - What is this?

    I fear another house being burnt down here...
  8. andy_con

    Delay in Engine switching off.

    my 182 did that a few times just before I sold it.
  9. andy_con

    The New Phone Thread

    i need a dual screen phone in my life, this is for business reasons. im debating about this, but its cheaper than I expected. seller has good feedback, but its a lot to drop on a phone off ebay...
  10. andy_con

    CNC thread (porn inside)

  11. andy_con

    Never buy knock off safety equipment.........

    ah so it is a harness but its made from poor quality parts that aren't up to standard. ive no idea as ive not seen it in person, but from the photo of the broken part, it looks like aluminium.
  12. andy_con

    Never buy knock off safety equipment.........

    at the risk of sounding stupid, whats a fake harness?
  13. andy_con

    The New Phone Thread

    Although I hear what your saying I'm not sure many people treat their phone like that. It's not a real life test, it's a seek hits on YouTube test. And it clearly works for him
  14. andy_con

    The New Phone Thread

    im always attacking my phone with a knife... what a pointless video