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Recent content by Andyrg@ ClioTurbo

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    My Racing Blue Clio 182 Turbo

    Hi Steve Spoke to you several times glad to catch up yesterday and that your comments on here were from pure worry. We have already actioned our customer service ways and email obviously doesnt work so we will have some one in the office 4 days a week for phone calls and work management as...
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    George's TURBO 182

    Boom G Baby!!! Lets go!!! Georges cars been a lovely car.
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    New from Stockton On Tees

    Bonjour!!!! Welcome
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    Anyone with Clip?

    If you need help drop us a line :)
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    Clio meets in northeast

    Weve got a Meet Sunday :)
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    water feed for clio turbo

    18 18 10 :) stock them if you need :)
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    Reconditioned 182 engine needed (for Rally) ...

    Sorry i should have also said Andy @ ED @Engine Dynamics
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    Reconditioned 182 engine needed (for Rally) ...

    If your down South speak to Mike Woodford or Dan Potter, I think we may be a little too far for your needs.
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    Andys Clio 16v Turbo Track car

    better than waking up next to a stripper
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    Andys Clio 16v Turbo Track car

    ive only went and got her back!!! After chips small accident him and Lesley just dont have time to sort it out. so while drunk at fcs we did a deal. some big plans over winter once the work shop eases off a little.... but were back in where it all started. one of the first megane 225 powered...
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    Stunning Track Turbo

    No its Arctic :)
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    Stunning Track Turbo

    Just thought i would share a few of Lukes Track Car. Forged engine with Vag Box conversion and Diff. 335Bhp and goes like absolute stink. Im sure luke will have a project thread but i wanted to post this photo. Epic
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    Steering squib wiring diagram please!

    Probability will have lurking around the laptop. Shall check today if we get time thumbs