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Recent content by anthonymayow

  1. anthonymayow

    OCD Finish Discount Code!

    Delete if not allowed. Passing on the discounts!
  2. anthonymayow

    Megane Powered Clio Raider

    Join my Drive Tribe! Click Here!
  3. anthonymayow

    Megane Powered Clio Raider

    Roisey The RenaultSport Clio 200 Raider Visit my website, with lots of photo content of shows, and the build Click Here!! I will try keep this thread updated as much as possible, remember the following images and narrative are personal views during my ownership and experiences with this...
  4. anthonymayow

    Anything going on?

    @Don @cs_dave Can we get some sort of meet, something actually decent. Not McDonalds, go for a meal and a beer? Tag a load of the west mids people.
  5. anthonymayow Show Plate

    Seen RPD do a show plate for Renault Sport, swear ive seen a one around? RPD show plate : any links?
  6. anthonymayow

    Megane 250 Powered 200 Radier

    @Knuckles this one :D sorry can't link it in pm's Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. anthonymayow

    Megane 250 Powered 200 Radier

    So plans changed and this is happening now. Member from and forum, don't post a huge amount but will be starting to go to some meets and shows once car is completed. Currently a owner of a Clio 200 Raider, i have now purchase a barely used RS250 engine from josh cook...
  8. anthonymayow

    Angel and Demons Logo - Photoshop People

    Wondering if anyone knows of a vector for this? or could do me one? Thanks in advanced
  9. anthonymayow

    Chairs (gaming, pc use, ergo etc)

    From NeedForSeat. Amazing chair, great quality, I spend 4-12 hours a day at it and never makes anything ache. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. anthonymayow

    Lower cost go pro alternative

    Either of you fancy selling one of these, tried to get one from my store, and all sold out :(
  11. anthonymayow

    ***How much is it worth?***

    haha, its back on the forum!
  12. anthonymayow

    ***How much is it worth?***

    Cheers, any other people pop me a price? want to gather as much info as I can
  13. anthonymayow

    Winter Car; BG182

    Was ment to post this yesterday but failed to finish it. Update: As of phone call last night I will be putting this up for sale in next few days.
  14. anthonymayow

    Winter Car; BG182

    So the Raider is coming out of hibernation soon! Got a front splitter, rs skirts, spacers and new style rear lights to fit to it. Just little touches. Also trying to get hold of a cup spoiler and tailgate to respray rather than touching the original painted boot, if anyone has one let me know...
  15. anthonymayow

    ***How much is it worth?***

    55 Plate. 84k miles BG 182 Non-Cup. Paintwork is in great condition, but front bumper needs respray with bonet. Recaros (1 Mark on them) Tuirini's (Fresh refurb) Eibach springs. High Carbon Front disks, with good brembo pads. Cambelt done by SJM 6 months ago, with service. K-tec induction...