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Recent content by Clgale88

  1. Clgale88

    Iceberg cleaned for CSS

    My old car...... should of kept this :-( looks like its been very well looked after :-D
  2. Clgale88

    Paint blasted off :(

    Just to confirm when ash brought the clio i belive he had the front bumper resprsyed due to stonechips hence why the bumper hasnt got any black stickers.
  3. Clgale88

    Cliosport hand me down

    Glad your enjoying the clio mate. I miss it alot awesome car
  4. Clgale88

    Auto wipers??

    Ahhh what say again lol??
  5. Clgale88

    Auto wipers??

    So is there no way to just turn them off as id like them to just smear now and again which they then theu suddenly go mental
  6. Clgale88

    Auto wipers??

    Can you switch the Autowipers of on a 172 there doing my head in and have a mind of there own!
  7. Clgale88

    -2 degree rear shims too much?

    Where did u get the -2 camber shims for the rear?
  8. Clgale88

    Battery cover

    Where can i get a stainless or ali battery cover from?
  9. Clgale88


    Looking at front and rear camber on 172. Has anyone got any pics of a clio 172 with rear camber shims 0.5 and 1 degrese
  10. Clgale88

    will they fit?

    So iv found some compomotive th 15x8j et 25 wheels second hand. just wondering will these fit on a 172 non cup or will i need to do much work?
  11. Clgale88

    Renault Alpine wheels on a clio?

    Just what i thought lol such nice wheels though
  12. Clgale88

    Renault Alpine wheels on a clio?

    Looking at various wheels and some Renault alpine wheels caught my eye 6j front and 8.5j on rear. now would these fit on a clio or would i need serious work?
  13. Clgale88

    what coilovers hmmm

    FK it is then lol cheers
  14. Clgale88

    what coilovers hmmm

    So picking up another 172 on monday from a mate off here abd im already looking at coilovers. but unsure what to get budget is £400 and its not going to be used for track. im toying between: Ktecs branded coilovers or FK highsport coilover what do people think therw both priced similar.
  15. Clgale88

    Next car: MK2 GOLF GTI or CLIO 182?

    Id go for a Clio i sold my clio 172 cup for a mk3 golf ok its not a mk2 but i thought it would be cheaper and more reliable so i could save but i was wrong i was spending twice as much on fuel insurance wasnt no difference and it wasnt very reliable at all. my clio 172 cup was getting 41.8mpg...