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Recent content by David172

  1. David172

    Group N & 197 cams - graphs

    I have 197 cams and custom timing (not sure if grp N) and 192bhp. Similar mods to yours except standard airbox and 200 cel cat.
  2. David172

    What's your favourite car related YouTube channel?

    Puffer jacket guy and grey trackie guy are the most scummy in that situation, closely followed by the rest of them, plebs.
  3. David172

    Fitting lightweight battery

    Second to stripping the interior out, a lightweight battery is the cheapest weight saving mod £ per kg I think. £100 battery will save you around 10kg...
  4. David172

    Fitting lightweight battery

    Im not very technical when it comes to electrics but simply put, cold cranking amps is how much 'power' it is able to release when powering up the starter motor. Needs to be high enough CCA basically. Amp hours is how much/how long the battery can hold charge. Google will give a better answer...
  5. David172

    Fitting lightweight battery

    If you are keeping it in the same place you will need to buy/make a bracket to hold it in place. You can get them as light as 1kg but which ever one you go for, check it will hold enough charge and have enough cold cranking amps.
  6. David172

    Catalytic converter prices

    You dont see a max and paddy reference very often, fair play.
  7. David172

    172 Road legal track car

    Great day at Snetterton on 21st Sept, first time in the dry and first outing since the engine work. Felt much better, had some gearbox oil try to escape during the first session pushing it but after a clear up it was fine for the rest of the day, bit weird. Could have leaked some from the...
  8. David172

    Aquarium Enthusiasts

    Im not that involved in the building or upkeep of them but thought it might give people ideas etc. They are cool.
  9. David172

    Aquarium Enthusiasts

    This is our first tank at work, its changed since then, a few fish have left and some have arrived. We are currently building this monster! Glass is about an inch thick lol
  10. David172

    My 182ff track car build (so far)

    Orange of course 💪
  11. David172

    What happened to...

  12. David172

    172 Road legal track car

    All non essential wires removed from the tailgate today. Waiting on some locking pins to arrive, then I can cut out the inner boot skin and remove latch. Repaired a couple of surface rust areas behind the bumber. Then I had to grind off a seized exhaust hangar bolt, scrape off more surface...
  13. David172

    172 Road legal track car

    After a bit of chatting with fellow clio owners and reading the interwebs the general thought was that the weighbridge was way off. No way it sill over 1000kg. The door inner skins will be cut out when I fit plastic windows early next year :)
  14. David172

    Fred and James’ Clio 182 Racecar Project

    The U piece of hose for bypassing the heater matrix, was that an off the shelf part or was it cut down from another piece? Need the same for mine 😊
  15. David172

    172 Road legal track car

    Got the clio on a weighbridge today. I think the official renault kerb weight for mine is 1110kg, mine weighed 1020kg today with 1/8 tank of fuel. So 90kg lost. Was hoping it would be a bit lighter but this sounds about right really. Still chasing the goal of 200bhp per ton, so another 60kg...