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  1. Deerhound

    What springs with cup shocks ?

    Just shows you how competent the chassis is on a182. Like a 4 wheel bike!lol! I'm well OCD with my bike set up! Has to he spot on doesn't it!🏍👍
  2. Deerhound

    What springs with cup shocks ?

    Really Rob?I think I'd defo notice a spring that much lower. I even notice when tyres are a couple of psi lower!lol!. I do ride & have raced bikes though & I think that makes you very sensitive to handling , feel etc.
  3. Deerhound

    What springs with cup shocks ?

    Think I've spoke to you about this Kev?Are Trophy front springs identical to the Cup ones?, the only difference being the Sachs Dampers? I think that's a good idea of yours if so, as a lot of guys I'm sure like the height & ride of the OEM Renault Coil Springs 👍
  4. Deerhound

    What springs with cup shocks ?

    Like you Finch, as you can no longer get OEM Cup Springs I'm wanting to know from knowledgable members what sent of coil springs gives the same ride height & performance as the OEM Cup ones for the road only?Be grateful for this infi guys.Cheers
  5. Deerhound

    Sold the 182FF.

    Here's pic
  6. Deerhound

    Sold the 182FF.

    Hi Samiam, Looks nice that Fireblade! I got this ZX10R C2 as well as my RB182!🚙🏍👍
  7. Deerhound

    Seven Grand RB182 - Ebay

    Very dear!Hanging onto mine for sure! Just put new Pilot Sport 3's on it.
  8. Deerhound

    RB 182

    Wasn't me!lol!
  9. Deerhound

    Why is buying a 172/182 so hard?

    My immaculate RB182 FF is not for sale but if anyone offered the right money I may consider it.Been fully refurbished, maintained by Renault Technician mate & maintained regardless of cost 96k miles and wants for nowt Belts due Nov 21.
  10. Deerhound

    LY 197 A34 Cheadle to Alderley Edge

    I was on the A34 Cheadle to Alderley Edge section on my Kawasaki ZX10R this morning 10.15?. Came across a guy maybe off here in a Clio 197 LY and we had a bit if a run together and thoroughly enjoyable!Give me a shout mate if on here.Very clean car!😎👍
  11. Deerhound

    Chester tag/mailing list

  12. Deerhound

    Red engine management light

    Hi all. A friend of mine has a problem on their Clio 1.2 8 valve (D7F) engine.The engine management light intermittenly comes on in red then goes off.The engine runs fine.A garage put their diagnostic reader on it and no codes or faults came up.Any guys out there have any clues where to start...
  13. Deerhound

    Which shampoo recommendations?

    Sonax is fine!👍
  14. Deerhound

    Marple. Four 182’s?

    Wow!I'm in Stockport so nearby.What colours are they?See very few 182's around locally.Here's mine