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Recent content by djspt

  1. djspt

    Monaco 172 (make it mint)

    Nice updates👍🏻
  2. djspt

    Was bored so i did a little job

    Hilarious poor OP 😂
  3. djspt

    Black 182 Pilrig Street (Edinburgh)

    Noticed this has been parked up for a while looks tired, anyones on here?
  4. djspt

    182 Cup Packed Blue Livingston Today

    Seen this weaving in and out the traffic approaching Deer Park roundabout at 12:45 ish, hope you made the toilet on time 😂
  5. djspt

    YP53WUB 172 Cup

    Decent looking car. 👍🏻
  6. djspt

    YP53WUB 172 Cup

    Seen this today leaving North Berwick looks a good one.
  7. djspt

    Monaco Blue East Lothian

    Seen this around 4pm today on Elphinstone Road, looked in good nick. Anyone on here?
  8. djspt

    Famous CN54GGP

    Apparently on next weeks episode of At War With The Noise Next Door 😂
  9. djspt

    Need some new tyres 194/45/16 Clio 172

    Got these on mine decent tyres so far, better than the Toyos I had, I’m sure @imprezaworks has had these at some point also recommends them. Sean
  10. djspt

    182 project from ASBO car to new daily driver

    Car looks like mines mate! Looks in good condition too. You said you got work done in Rentec was that local to you? I use Rentec in Edinburgh decent guys. Sean
  11. djspt

    LY182 Dalkeith

    Nice one looked in great condition 👍🏻
  12. djspt

    LY182 Dalkeith

    Seen this earlier today around 5pm looked very clean. Anyone on here?
  13. djspt

    Monaco 172 (make it mint)

    Topper mate, miss my old Monaco. 👍🏻
  14. djspt

    ***How much is it worth?***

    Thing is with these cars and most cars tbh is that you’ll never make money on them with purchases deemed maintenance/wear and tear, unless it’s a low owner/mileage minter. I’d be keeping it for a bit longer and use it to get some of your money’s worth out of it. Then see about getting rid...
  15. djspt


    Have a read here