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Recent content by Dom_capper

  1. Dom_capper

    Teves or Lucas

    Wouldn’t worry too much about brand. They will both be pretty average. As long as they are both the right shape I’d personally lean towards Lucas. @George@RTR_Parts could help you find the right ones.
  2. Dom_capper

    Catalytic converter prices

    Is a 55 plate 1.3 petrol Yaris cat worth anything? I’ve got one (whole car) to fix up and punt on. Pretty sure it’s original exhaust so would it be worth selling the cat and fitting an eBay job?
  3. Dom_capper

    Mk3 clio 1.2 16v - whoosing noise

    Mine does that too. I’ve no idea why, was made much louder when I fitted a cone filter. Mick at Diamond said he was scratching his head at it too. 🤣 It’s done it for years, my 12 plate is on 159,000 miles now so I wouldn’t worry about it at all.
  4. Dom_capper

    Dilemma... C7 RS6 or R8 V10+

    Lovely mate, and congrats on the new house!
  5. Dom_capper

    Power Tool Perverts

    It’s very impressive! If you ever question whether you have too many tools, just think of John 😂
  6. Dom_capper

    Air Tools

    I like the look of that Clarke kit. All nice quality.
  7. Dom_capper

    Air Tools

    It’s not a big one, 50L 3hp 14 cfm job. My thinking is I’m not going to be constantly using the tools, just for a few seconds at a time so hopefully it can keep up. I’m not bothered about it kicking in all the time. All the above are now on the list though. Probably not bother with a paint gun...
  8. Dom_capper

    Air Tools

    Just picked up a compressor, so now I need some air tools. What do people use? I've had a look at the Clarke pro stuff and SGS. Not really sure what's worth spending on. I want a ratchet and impact first I think. Not sure whether to just buy a kit.
  9. Dom_capper

    Dilemma... C7 RS6 or R8 V10+

    Wow I wasn’t sure whether to say something but glad I did now! Great result getting it sorted and the cost covered.
  10. Dom_capper

    Dilemma... C7 RS6 or R8 V10+

    Epic car. Ultimate do it all machine! Is there something untoward here? Or just angles.
  11. Dom_capper

    Clio mk3 gt 106 1.5dci

    As far as I’m aware, if you were to remove that current spoiler, your boot lid would have a cut out below it. So you’d have to leave in situ and extend or swap your boot lid. (<£100 at scrappies)
  12. Dom_capper

    Low entry jack? Post what you own. I’ve had this about 4 years and it’s still going strong. Changed the rubber cup once. Goes very low and also pretty high. I’ve also lifted a transit with it. And light weight.
  13. Dom_capper

    What alloy wheels and tyres will fit a Renault Clio MKIII 2006 5 Door Hatchback?

    Up to an 18 but I’d say 17 will sit better. 100x4 pdc and 60.1 centre bore.
  14. Dom_capper

    The DIY Thread

    SDS Drill?
  15. Dom_capper

    Hi guys I have a clio mk3 1.5dci and wanted to lower it, get new wheels and spacers and try to make it look as much like the sport as possible. Any he

    Yes. It’s an adjustable cup on the spring and separate damper. You could get cheaper spacers but it’s not something to cheap out on.