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    ***How much is it worth?***

    Considering moving on my cup soon if landing a new job/comapny car. Very good condition mechanics and paint - loads of recent parts such as wishbones, injectors, top mounts recent belts/dephaser/aux/water pump loads of history just tipped over 100K miles 12 months mot Interested to know what...
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    Gordon Murray Automotive T50/T50s

    Need to see it in the flesh but I'm largely in agreement frayz. I think this thing is going to be epic. The ethos behind the cars is fascinating.
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    Gordon Murray Automotive T50/T50s

    Both amazing machines in their own right. Hopefully see one or both in the flesh and in action sometime soon. We really need these types of cars back racing endurance at le mans.
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    How many true lifers?

    I've owned my 172 cup since back when they were rock bottom price wise and now at the point where it could probably do with having some coin thrown at it over the next couple of years to keep it tip top and sort a few niggling things that have developed such as rust around filler cap area etc...
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    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Many still on the go over in the EU zone but left hookers obvs. Guess climate has a lot to do with it. Although it's strange that so many R5GTT's have survived here and almost no 19 16vs. Any other countries that have nice climate that drive on the same side? Cheap imports maybe?
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    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    My old dear had a phase 1 chamade in blue that I learned to drive in. Loved that car to bits even if it did have it quirks like the boot deciding randomly that it didn't want to latch shut whenever it felt like it or the engine not being able to take any proper abuse. Car got written off in...
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    Tempted by the new GR Yaris?

    I love a little hot hatch and although I can't see me selling the cup, I have some serious throb for the spec attached to that new Yaris GR and the gadget trickery diffs etc It got me wondering if in time it would make a good replacement for a Clio.... if they are held in high regard when...
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    Blue 172 Cup - Homebase carpark Hove

    Spotted earlier today. Looks clean.
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    Chris's 172 Cup Turbo

    Looks nice and clean. Paint work looks decent. Are the prices reasonable at Rusthall? Might have to pay them a visit if they come recommended....
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    1 owner clio cup 172 -21k miles - whats it worth

    Looks like UK prices are catching up with the continent
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    Long term storage tips appreciated

    Left my car sitting in all weathers outside over a period of about 4 years with the odd return trip to the car to start it and move it forward and back. The only problem was the rear brakes binding and rusting. So remember to leave the handbrake off. All the other prep work suggested is...
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    Clio 182 vs Twingo 133

    Once you get used to the clio power they don't always feel all that quick any more unless you are on it so I can't imagine how slow the twingo must feel on anything other than a tight B road.
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    What is it with 172 cup prices?

    The cups are definitely going up in value now, or should I say, going up in asking price.... Whether that is due to the recent hype surrounding the clios on Pistonheads or the time people have on their hands with being locked down but a lot of people saying they are on the hunt for a RS clio...
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    What have you done to your car today ???

    Had a couple of PS3s fitted to the front with allignment also. Loving them so far. The last pair of tyres were on the car since I purchased it almost SIX YEARS AGO. It was definitely time for a new pair.