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How many true lifers?

I've owned my 172 cup since back when they were rock bottom price wise and now at the point where it could probably do with having some coin thrown at it over the next couple of years to keep it tip top and sort a few niggling things that have developed such as rust around filler cap area etc.

Nothing major but with belts needing done late this year it's probably easily 2-3K. If I was to spend the cash I have a feeling I'm going to keep hold of it for life or at least until I simply can't drive anymore.

It got me thinking, how many others on the forum are in a similar mindset? If not, what do you plan to replace it with? The only car in recent times that raised a brow is the Yaris GR


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  Whichever has fuel
I’ve had my Mk1 clio for about 12 years. They can paint it black when they bury me in it.

other than that, I’ve not owned a 172/182/197 for a long period. I’ve always got one at my disposal but I get bored quickly and change my mind all the time so I’m forever changing.

that said, I have a 182 converted Kangoo van and that seems to cover all bases for the moment and I can’t see myself selling it. I did sell it once but I ended up buying it back because I missed it so much.

Chris V6 255

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  V6 255, 182 Trophy
Made the mistake of selling my first V6, current one won’t be going anywhere.

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Mine was bought last year for a road trip (which never happened) and was supposed to be sold right after. “Lifer” is not a concept that computes with me, as life is short and there are many cars to experience, but I can see myself holding on for a while. Not much out there ticks as many of my, accessible, inexpensive, simple, raw, honest, small, light, reliable.

Eventually it will go though, like they all do, as I typically feel an itch for a new experience every 1-2 years and there’s only so many cars that I have space and energy to run at any one time. If I find myself at some point in the country with a barn, which is in the master plan, then “lifer” could be a possibility.


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  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
I've had my 182 since new, coming up to 15 years in February. Wow, where has that time gone.
I took it off the road for about 10 months back end of 2018 and garaged it. I didn't need a car for that time.
Since putting it back on the road in September 2019 I've spent about £2k with new brakes, tyres, new alternator, full belt service, dephaser etc....... , spark plugs and a few other odds and sods.
I know the cars history, any problems, all the service history from new.
It still puts a smile on my face as my daily. I'll be keeping it for the foreseeable future unless it blows up.

Coops Mk1

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  Lots of Scrap...
Had Clio's for 20 years now, longest tenure in the fleet currently is 14 years in July and that's that one as Dan mentions above, I'll be buried in.

More pertinent to your post though is my 182, which I've owned since 2012 and run daily since then. She's long in the tooth, got rust issues creeping in and due belts and a host of other maintenance this year really.... . I made the decision over Christmas that I couldn't buy anything for the 3k it's going to cost me put her right so she's staying and over 2021 I'll be getting the belts, harmonic balancer, crank seal, sump gasket, radiator, clutch, all fluids, A/C condensor/dryer and a host of other bits done and keep her for another 5 year cycle, as a daily still and push up towards 300k miles


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  182 & LY Clio 220 ed
I had a 172Cup, 6 months old with 4,700 miles on the clock. Fell in love with her. Had an issue on way to FCS 2009 due to diabetic coma. Couldn't get another one straight away, so got a Renault Megane Coupe as a get me around. Less than a year later got rid and got my 182. Still got her now, but she became a 2nd car. Fell out of love and put her on SORN while I thought about what I wanted to do as wasn't putting the mileage on her.

Then thought I would get her back on road and enjoy her as prices dropping and I wanted something to put a smile back on my face. 5 years on, she is awesome. Owes me nothing but makes me happy when I use her for a weekend or so. Dont think I will ever find another car like the Cup, but the 182 isn't too bad a replacement.


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  ph1 172, Arctic182
Ive had a clio in some form since around 2002 and an RS for over 14 years. Sell it? Too many of my man hours, blood sweat and tears gone into it and I'd never get back what I've put into it over the last 3 years.


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  V6 255, 172 cup, ph1
Had mine a while


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  Whichever has fuel
To be fair, I’m probably a lifer to the brand. Since my first one (in 2005?) I’ve always had at least one RenaultSport on the driveway.


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  Clio 172
I've only had mine 2 years, But i know it's not forever. Which is a shame, as i think its been my favourite car to drive that I've ever owned.
In a few years my eldest lad will want to learn to drive, so the clio will be sold to make space and funds for a suitable learner. But the plan is to then buy a Renault sport megane of some type as a daily.


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I’ve had my 182 since 2007 when it was about 2.5 years old and had I think 20k on the clock.
It’s now done 70k but hasn’t really been driven for any prolonged period since 2013.
  PH1 V6
My V6 will be going nowhere, plenty more planned for it though.

Something will definitely be alongside it (besides the Smart that's currently there!)


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I've had my 182 nearly 5 years, 3 years longer than any other car I've owned. Daily driven and maintained as needed it's been 99.9% reliable and I've failed to convince myself that spending a few £££ a month for a newer car would be worthwhile. I can't see me running it when parts are scarce and expensive though and space on the drive is tight anyway. I bought Mt first 5 GTT in 1993 and second one in 2000 and I've had a renaultsport on the drive for most of the last 15 years so probably won't escape the diamond any time soon. Unless it's an Alpine🤔.


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I've had my 182 from new back in 2004 - and it's had a fairly eventful life - having been written off and resurrected twice, and still only on 60k miles.

Other cars have joined and left the fleet, but the little cockroach clio is here to stay!

I need to update the thread, but more about it here: browno's 182


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  Too Many
Been into Renaults a long time, Longest car I have had is the Trophy since 2010.
I would have kept the others but they either got scrapped or sold.

Renault 19 16v - First Car - Written Off
Mk1 Clio 16v - Second Car - Written Off
Vectra V6 Supertoring - Scrapped 2010
Clio 182 Trophy - Bought 2010
Clio 172 Monaco - Bought 2016 - Sold For Megane
Megane 175DCI - Bought March 2017 - Sold For 197
Clio 197 F1 R27 - Bought 2017

Not counting the Audi A3 , R or RST

Renault 19 16v - First Car
Mk1 Clio 16v - Second Car
Vectra V6 Supertoring - Scrapped 2010
Clio 182 Trophy - Bought 2010
Clio 172 Monaco - Bought 2016
Megane 175DCI - Bought March 2017
Clio 197 F1 R27 - Bought 2017

Not counting the Audi A3 , R or RST

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Out of all those the Vectra is my favorite!

The Megane is my least favorite 😂


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Bought my 182 back in 2009!.. its done 64k of which none of that has been in about 5 years. Contemplated selling a few times but could never bring myself to do it.
It's on the road to recovery this year.


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  Too Many
Out of all those the Vectra is my favorite!

The Megane is my least favorite 😂

Mate loved the vectra and spent £1000s on it but the rust / rot got the better of the rear 1/4s and the engine gave up so I sold it for £500 with a pile load of parts and spares.
Full carbon interior, Full Recaro , Full LED Dash, 3 sets of wheels, There was mega that I threw away with that car.


This is mine with my mate who bought a V6 Supertoring Rep Estate.

  172 Ph1
Had my PH1 13 years in April.
Will be keeping it as it’s had a whole heap of love and money put into it over the years .
Have a second one in the garage . Been in there 6 years . Dare to look at it .

John John

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  Clio 182 & Boxster
I’ve had my 182 for 3 years and use it as a track car. Didn’t see any action in 2020 I think it’s been driven a grand total of 120 miles since service, major with all the belts etc (thanks Clio man) and MoT in feb last year
Love the rawness and will only sell when I can no longer drive, way to much fun


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  255, 230, 172, R26
Ph2 V6 and 182 Trophy are keepers for me. Ph1 V6 is purely an investment buy and the 300 Trophy was a toy as I stupidly sold the Giulia Qf.
I've owned a williams, williams 2, 172 cup and two 182s best cars on the planet by far regret selling all of them apart from my current 182 which is a keeper.... come to think of it they all were :cautious:


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never really owned the one car more than a couple of years as I enjoy the tidying up bit more so I keep getting them mint then selling them lol must have had 30+ of the things but tbh the van will be with me forever probably, just due to the fact its pretty worthless and has so many hours into it that id never get back, that and its brilliant!


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  Hi comp phase 1
My first Clio I bought back in March 2001. Got it off the internet after reading great reviews about them. Only had 6 miles on the clock and came though Belgium even thou it was a UK car. In 2008 I started to modify it.. Itb’s, hi compression bottom end, AST coilovers, bump correction, Quaife diff, Cobra evo seats, club sport stripped, PH2 subframes and running gear, poly bushed everything, 182 cup front hubs. Ran 201bhp and 177ftlb. Loved that one but binned it a Thuxton on a track day and was un fixable.. very sad day

So I bought a new one in 2017 with the idea of swapping all my modded parts with the donor so my old one still lives on with some tweaks. Now running 216bhp 175ftlb, caged, brembo conversion. Will never get rid of them as the smiles are worth every penny.

Obviously it’s not really a daily driver so back in 2012 I bought a Trophy which I drive when it wet 😆
  clio 172 rwd
I bought my Clio 172 back 2004 turbocharged it in 2005 then started rwd conversion 2007
Off the road till I completed it 2015! Drove 500miles rebuilt engine and done a couple drag events and now as of today it’s back on the road! Never selling lifer


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  172, VRS, Clio 5
Owned mine for almost 5 years and it’s going nowhere. There’s nothing else for the money that would do what it does and even with what I’ve spent, which is probably 50/50 routine versus making it pretty, I’d still struggle to find anything comparable. And even then I’d end up doing exactly the same so the spend would rocket.

I can only see myself adding another weekend car perhaps in future to scratch another itch - Jap 4WD or even a convertible maybe.

I get bored more quickly with my dailies but that’s less the case over the last year lol.
  RS Clio Cup172
Nice thread.
My clio cup 172 was delivered new and it has seen me through to now - I have either been the subject of jokes or stated it will never be sold on, it has been a joy to drive and still looks alright - I also had some other cars:
vw polo gt - 1995-2009 (my first car)
honda s2000 - 2007-8 (company car)
honda s2000 - 2009 (company car - engine failed)
volvo c30 d4 r design 2012-16 (daily driver - sold when i went self employed)
mercedes C220 w204 - 2020 -


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