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Recent content by fez

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    Porsche 991.2 RSR - Best sound ever.

    not to make it into a best noise thread but this is up there . down shifts and brakes glowing at 2:39 just immense!!! and 4:48 but he missed the corner
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    Corsa 'D' VXR Nurburgring Edition

    still looking fab
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    LY 200 EDC Spoiler Alert

    loving that
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    All Racing Blue 182's on the Forum...

    the blue calipers work very well
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    The 320D.

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    3 years....same location

    good to see them dirty and used
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    auto finesse deal

    its hit and miss some items bring up a 10p reduction, and on a branded item like this it brought up nearly £10 if anyone finds anything else worthwhile post it up :beers:
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    auto finesse deal

    wrong section if someone can move it that would be great :nomouth:
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    auto finesse deal

    eurocarparts have an offer on at present and with the discount code it takes a 5l tub of auto finesse avalanche from £30 to £20 ish depending on the code oh and free delivery may be of use to some :up: