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  1. JB21

    Exige S2 2zz race car vs MR2 2zz track car

    Part 2. Knocked 3s off. 1:57 v 2:02 I lose 3s by the exit of Shell oil corner only 45s into the lap, by staying in 5th for Island bend and messing the entry into Shell dropping to 2nd. Still plenty of time in it...
  2. JB21

    Nice spec MR2 2ZZ FS

    Ad taken from MR2ROC, not my car:;topicseen FOR SALE - 2002 Rogue 2ZZ Roadster I purchased the car in May 2014 after months of looking for the right car. Bought from an owner in Lincoln I took the car back to Scotland and the project stated...
  3. JB21

    DS1.11 overheating

    Yup, they also require a full cool down to cure properly.
  4. JB21

    DS1.11 overheating

    I've used them on the road in a 182 and Octavia VRS, when I couldn't be arsed changing them out after a track day. Zero issues whatsoever. However being enduro spec, they will wear much quicker when used on the road as they need real heat for optimum wear rates.
  5. JB21

    MarkCup's Porsche Cayman

    You'll more than likely need to change your driving style slightly and taken lines versus the M140i, FR v MR. You won't have that weight over the front wheels anymore, so faster in and harder trail braking to shift the weight onto the front axel. Your LFB skills should really help here.
  6. JB21

    Tyres 2021

    These are a new tyre to the market and get good reviews. Cheap too.
  7. JB21

    More fun than a GTR

    Fast doesn't always = more fun, enjoy! Oh and welcome.
  8. JB21

    Oil on spark plug

    Spark plug seals, that sit in the rocker cover maybe.
  9. JB21

    Exige S2 2zz race car vs MR2 2zz track car

    Must have had engine mods and remap for that time, rapid even for a race spec MK2.
  10. JB21

    Exige S2 2zz race car vs MR2 2zz track car

    Think so yeah, as the max power to weight is 297hp p/tonne for non v6 cars.
  11. JB21

    Exige S2 2zz race car vs MR2 2zz track car

    After a bit of online snooping at the 2018 MSVR Lotus Cup UK regs, I've found some of spec of this car: Exige S2 Toyota 2zz N/A - Toyota engined cars are permitted engine modifications including, but not limited to engine internal components, exhaust system, engine ECU, air filter, and...
  12. JB21

    Exige S2 2zz race car vs MR2 2zz track car

    They are a lot of fun, parts are cheap and they're easy to work on. There's nothing close for £5k (what I paid) that I'd swap it for. Ohlins on this Exige. Its a Lotus Cup Uk championship spec car. 100kg lighter than the MR2, wider tyres, bigger brakes with lots of functional aero too.
  13. JB21

    Exige S2 2zz race car vs MR2 2zz track car

    Comparison of a Exige race car vs my MR2 track car. Both 2zz engined. Not sure if the Exige puts out more power, probably as they have aftermarket ECU's. 8 second difference, which doesn't sound like much over a 2m lap, but visually its an age. He also cocked up the last corner, so more like a...
  14. JB21

    Danith's Trusty Track EP3 Civic Type R

    You're 100% trying mine at Oulton next week, even if you nanny it around for a few laps on your own, you'll get the feel of a lightweight RWD on track. So, so different, noticeably being pushed instead of pulled, seating position, steering accuracy, razor sharp turn in etc. Its not the quickest...