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Recent content by jenic

  1. J

    Alpina D3 Bi Turbo F31 Touring

    Can they get the parts from BMW at the moment then? Mine is at Coopers' in York and has been for a month now, apparently they can't get parts at the moment so the car is just stood there and I'm in a Mini :(
  2. J

    When It Used To Snow

    I remember we went up to holme moss in the snow, likely the same time those pics were taken as you don't keep a car that long Jim 😉
  3. J

    Hisense TVs - Are they actually good VFM?

    Had mine (55U7A) for a couple of years now, really happy with it. Picture is brilliant, and sound is good too for a flatscreen. The smart system is quite no thrills, but it's got all the catchup apps along with netflix, YT and Amazon which suits my needs, I mainly watch 4K Netflix on it. The...
  4. J

    What do people spend on their cars ?

    The Herald, which I own with a friend, was purchased for £300 and we gave ourselves a budget of £3000 to fix it up. In the 2 years we spent restoring it we spent £12k, and that includes no bodywork and all labour was done ourselves except a couple of hundred quid of machine shop time. We did end...
  5. J

    M135i - Attempt Number 2

    I'm running the new Eagle F1s on mine. They seem great in all conditions so far but do wear quite fast. But then again coming from the e91 on run flats I'm used to that!
  6. J

    M135i - Attempt Number 2

    I'm surprised you're back in one! I bought mine a few months ago and read a lot of your posts at the time. Looks a good spec, except the 5 door 😋 I also made sure I got the spec I wanted and lucked out on a 1 owner one being sold privately just down the road from me. Even though it's not...
  7. J

    Why members don’t attend meets?

    Got linked to this by a friend, I miss the meets man! I dunno why anyone would have an issue with you, we def need a meet up again with the classic Yorkshire peeps!
  8. J

    4K TV's

    Been looking at TVs for a while now and finally took the plunge and ordered this last night - Currently 10% off AO eBay, so about £580 it was, it comes tomorrow. Bit of a gamble as it's a brand new model, the first proper review only came out today on...
  9. J

    Fcuking Apple !!!!!

    Bad batch of batteries iirc, something to do with how they were stored.
  10. J

    Fcuking Apple !!!!!

    £21 (or more likely £30) is cheap though, if they sold them they wouldn't be so cheap. Also, bit of an FYI, but some phones can get a free replacement - Mine is eligible, finally getting around to taking it in this afternoon.
  11. J

    Replacing Imac HDD with SSD

    Cheers for the offer. Do you have a link to the Kingston you are using? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. J

    Replacing Imac HDD with SSD

    It can and I think various fan control software just uses SMART to control them. It would nice if it worked natively though, just a pain having to buy the sensor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. J

    Replacing Imac HDD with SSD

    Did you replace the temp sensor or use software to control the fans? I'm confident doing the work, just too tight to spend £40 on the stupid temp sensor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. J

    Replacing Imac HDD with SSD

    Anyone done this on the old fat Imacs? Mine is a mid 2011. Basically my HDD has gone bang, it's been on it's way out for a while now. I want to upgrade it but it turning out you need a temp sensor like this Seems overkill money wise for what it is, anyone know a cheaper source of them or had...
  15. J

    Lower cost go pro alternative

    Anyone able to let me know if this looks real? The box looks different to most I've seen, but some websites have this style box.