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Recent content by M90SR

  1. M90SR

    Lambda sensors

    This eBay listing seems to currently the best price for the correct Bosch sensor, 0258006046. OE number 7700107433.
  2. M90SR

    Hot rear wheel after disc and pad change?

    The spacer 600073518 did not remain on the stub axle & is still on the removed disc, or has been installed incorrectly.
  3. M90SR

    Rear beam bush bolts/nuts
  4. M90SR

    F4R Injector Refurbishment?

    Best price for a set of 4 Injectors is Trodo.
  5. M90SR

    Clio badge grommets and boot lock diamond?

    Boot badges :7703081151 Diamond :7703081212 Genuine only...
  6. M90SR

    Looking for rear NS brake line

    No Longer Available. Upgrading to braided lines is the way to go, eliminating the rubber flexi pipes, and less expensive than the OE items. BRT or Proline.
  7. M90SR

    172 Cup radiator fan not kicking in

    Unless your 172 Cup is one of the very rare cars with the aircon option, there will be no low speed rad fan function. Regular 172 Cup`s with no aircon have the low speed fan relay relay omitted (see yellow arrow) and only have a high speed function. Cars with aircon have a 3rd 5 pin micro...
  8. M90SR

    loom pins ....

    RS components if you know what you need.
  9. M90SR

    LHD clutch cable source

  10. M90SR

    Master Cylinder Seal

    If it`s for your 182 with an ATE master cylinder 7701021927. You can locate the part numbers in future using this...
  11. M90SR

    Steering Wheel off centre

    Pulling the fuse was not my best idea, as it services other functions that you need. Try removing the column shrouds and see if you can unclip the connections to the column, though you may need to drop the column to access them. The object of exercise is to confirm that with the power...
  12. M90SR

    Aftermarket ABS Sensors

    Left hand rear: 6000073527 Right hand rear: 6000073528 Triscan are good, but have doubled in price recently. Search eBay with these numbers, there were some Triscan sensors @£23 each a short time ago.( from Latvia )
  13. M90SR

    Steering Wheel off centre

    Have you considered that when you broke the steering lock, you twisted the steering column? The tracking has been set with the steering wheel positioned correctly, as you say the car steers straight holding the wheel central, so that is not the problem. When you drive in a straight line, the...
  14. M90SR

    182 non cup front wheel bearing

    SNR R155.16 72 x 37 x 37mm 7701205779
  15. M90SR

    172 CUP... cranks but wont start :( Interesting 3 days of ownership....

    hmmm how about just replacing the relay?