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    Xbox One Problem

    My Xbox is fooked I think. Every time I try to start a game it just says this game is taking to long to start and dies. Takes ages to fire up. Tried a complete factory reset and it still fooked. Has it come to the end of its life or is there a fix?
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    The everlasting ph1 ITB Build **GREEN-BUILD STARTS AT PAGE 100**

    I read this thread, understand little of it but always wonder how many wars, pandemics, famines, royal weddings and general advancements in understanding the formation of the universe has happened since this project started.
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    Body shop in Cambridge area

    Some lovely body work in Angels. Some right bangers that have scrubbed up pretty well
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    Xbox one - increasing memory options

    Silly quesiton, but I deleted a few games off my One S the other night to free up some space and installed Apex and its now gone to s**t, just really slow, freezes and says taken to long to open this app quite often. Is it fucked? Anything I can do?
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    Assassins Creed Valhalla

    Not Valhalla but DL Black Flag for £6 the other day, best one I've played. Unfortunately I keep getting distracted smashing up up other ships. Then I've just discovered the Naval Forts and the whole game has opened up to a whole new level.
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    Oldest game you still play?

    Chuckie Egg when I got a break in work.
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    Nintendo Switch

    So bought the little one a Switch for Xmas, bought animal crossing which was a disaster as she can't quite read yet which makes it useless really. So before I go knocking out £50 a week until I find a game she likes, is there any decent free stuff I can download for her? Seems like an...
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    Xbox Series X|S - OFFICIAL News!

    Got my confirmation mine will be ready to pick up from Tesco on 3rd December. Bit concerned as I went straight on a few weeks back ordered, no queue and confirmed. If I turn up and they say I haven't got one there will be selection boxes flying everywhere.
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    Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate

    Its gone mental this week. Was going to buy AC Valhalla on Tuesday, but looking at Games Pass I won't need to buy it until its £9.99 CeX. First on the list is Star Wars Jedi something or other Then Planet Coaster as a time killer Also Need for Speed as I haven't played them since the PS2 I...
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    Assassins Creed Valhalla 5pm today
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    Assassins Creed Valhalla

    Any updates on this? Going to be my first game purchase since GTAV
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    Xbox Series X|S - OFFICIAL News!

    Mentioned it earlier but without preorder etc and launch date is it likely I will be able to pick one up before Christmas no problems? Just wondering what the stock levels will be like?
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    Xbox Series X|S - OFFICIAL News!

    With all this preorder shortage, will the supply be sorted in time for xmas?
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    Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate

    Touryst completed. It was the last level, last bit. Only thing I don't think I did was the Ybiza party thing where you need to get the full rating on the party meter. Scrolls did my head in finding the last one in the mine.
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    Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate

    The Touryst, my favourite 10 pinter game. Can sit there for hours trying the same level over and over again. Currently stuck on the level where you need to ride on the slabs and land them on the pillars whilst the octopus thing pisses you off.