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    [Next Gen/PC] GTA V

    I tried online, but no one was social distancing.
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    [Next Gen/PC] GTA V

    Started playing the solo game since the start of lockdown. Just bought the pier and finished the mission to find all the Sub parts for the bird and she gave me $10. I got angry and shot the b**ch in the back of the head. Clever idea though as I guess those missions for Michael and Franklin...
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    The Gaming Thread (General Gaming Jibba Jabba)

    I did quit out! Turn off console to be precise lol. I tried the face scan as well, turned out looking like Patrick Ewing for some reason.
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    The Gaming Thread (General Gaming Jibba Jabba)

    @Cookie knowing you are a baller man I downloaded NBA 2K20 on Game Pass last night after watching The Last Dance and I have a question.... I've never played an EA NBA game before (for a long time), started a career and it threw me straight into a game. Don't know any of the controls or...
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    The Gaming Thread (General Gaming Jibba Jabba)

    Recently dug the xbox out as I've been doing alot of nights for work and have a few hours to kill between everyone being in bed and me starting. So I got this Game Pass thing as I don't really care what I play, but one thing.... Downloaded Resident Evil 4 and was this big when it came out? One...
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    How much do you pay for Sky/Virgin?

    Emailed the CEO in the end, got the usual response that he is a busy man but being passed on to someone in his team to look in to.
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    How much do you pay for Sky/Virgin?

    Didn't know where to tick this but Virgin have truly pissed me off.... what do you think they'll do for my complaint? Surely it needs to be honoured?
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    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Our mate hans dropped in recently? Think he has done alright out of it! Anyone else know what he made drop me a PM.
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    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Drove past this place the other day.
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    My New VXR (Holden content)

    Not happy with impersonators setting unrealistic expectations on my work. Legal team have been instructed to shut them down.
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    Free games thread

    Anyone help me out. After a decent strategy game, doesn't have to be free but <£15 preferably <£10. Only got the laptop she got from the grandparents with 4gb ram and 1.6ghz processor so will need to be pretty easy on me. Just something I can sit down and play on and off when I got an hour or...
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    The everlasting ph1 ITB Build **GREEN-BUILD STARTS AT PAGE 100**

    When I had my AX GT, I was convinced it was there to hypnotise 16 year old fanny.
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    The everlasting ph1 ITB Build **GREEN-BUILD STARTS AT PAGE 100**

    Quick question..... Is there a benefit to a single wiper or is it just for aesthetic purposes?
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    Scott's JDM Bugeye Spec C RA.

    Mightily impressed. Got to the best car on here I'd think.
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    New Member 47 years old but my clio 172 makes me feel 27 lol

    If you feel 27, no guilt in picking up 18 year old birds I bet. We know how it works.