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  1. MarkCup

    e91 335i. The Unicorn.

    Are you sure that's glue? *** shivers ***
  2. MarkCup

    BMW 535d

    I highly recommend you DO NOT put Kumho PS91s on the back. I gave them a try and they're now on the wear markers after just over 4,000 miles, run since November so not exactly warm and dry, and they have zero grip in anything other than perfectly dry conditions. Go figure! I've got 4x Michelin...
  3. MarkCup

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    Yer the seats aren't the best...but like the car as a whole, they give the best of both worlds. They just look a bit plain. Shocking to think that they're fitted, albeit with embossed ///M logos, in the original N55 M2! I didn't know this. I thought in just about all aspects the 2 was just a 1...
  4. MarkCup

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    Latest's very good, but also rather bad.
  5. MarkCup

    Impulse buy of 2020

    Wind deflectors and flaps just take the edge off it for me. Otherwise, completely lush!
  6. MarkCup

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    That can't be real!
  7. MarkCup

    The New Phone Thread

    That was comical. The lack of stability too...the image on screen was all over the place despite the phone being mounted on a tripod. 100x zoom? Proper 100% marketing BS that the masses that want the latest bestest just lap up.
  8. MarkCup

    The New Phone Thread

    I'm still happy with my Pixel 2 XL here, I can't think of any reason why I'd want to change it tbqfh.
  9. MarkCup

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    My argument then, as it is now, was how is it any different from people fitting race seats of 4 point harnesses to road cars? You look like a prat regardless :LOL:
  10. MarkCup

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    Just for you...:ROFLMAO:
  11. MarkCup

    What's your favourite car related YouTube channel?

    And I've been told I've got girly wanker hands for wanting a thinner steering wheel rim 😂
  12. MarkCup

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    Definitely Rob! Someone's already commented on the video that my wheel looks minging, I should wear the gloves more often :ROFLMAO:
  13. MarkCup

    New owner of Clio sport 197

    I ran AD08s on my Clio 200 around Llandow, Goodwood, and Bedford with no issues at all. You'll be fine (y)
  14. MarkCup

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    I've now covered the same total mileage that I did in my RS in this thing, 19,300 miles, and I've not had one single hint of a thought about getting rid. I think that says a lot!
  15. MarkCup

    M135i - Attempt Number 2

    I did 15k in mine over its first year and I expect there'll be a few k more this year. Economy wise they're really quite good...far better than my NA Clio 200 ever was! Mine's manual too so a good 2-3 MPG worse than the auto.