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Recent content by MattRS200

  1. MattRS200


    Red 200, half asleep so only noticed the CL10 start to the reg. About 6:45am - Monument Hill. Was in the Black 200 heading towards Walton-on-Thames.
  2. MattRS200

    Brooklands Classic Breakfast - 8am Sunday 12th August

    I live about 5 mins away, but i'm away this weekend in the midlands...! If there is anything else at Brooklands, or any of you guys want to meet anywhere near, give me a shout... Mercedes-Benz World is always a popular stop for petrol heads.
  3. MattRS200

    RB 182 Addlestone

    Parking up, female driving? About 10:30pm.
  4. MattRS200

    Shoot with GF Williams

    Stunning!!! Love pic 10! Nice work!
  5. MattRS200

    3 Racing Blue Clio's meet the Severn Bridge.

    Love these pics, location & cars look superb. Jel!
  6. MattRS200

    Red Trophy A316 Near Richmond

    I saw you heading towards Richmond, was a private plate reading TROPHY but unsure of what it was exactly.
  7. MattRS200

    Pearl White lovin' (pics)

    Lovely, only ever seen 2 in real life in this colour.
  8. MattRS200

    My Clio 172 in Hong Kong

    Average speed limit in HK is about 80KPH for a motorway/express road. Which is about 50mph...!
  9. MattRS200

    My Clean Black Gold 182

    Looks great! New style badge suits it
  10. MattRS200

    Next Summer European Tour?

    That does look pretty epic. Monaco sounds interesting too!
  11. MattRS200

    Racing Blue 197

    Graphite all the way...! Looking good though, love the beading...
  12. MattRS200

    Clio 200 Black

    Ha yeh, surprising how much comes off though when you give it some TLC. Thanks for the comments guys!
  13. MattRS200

    Clio 200 Black

    It's really hard to keep clean! The back attracts dirt like a magnet
  14. MattRS200

    Clio 200 Black

    Thanks! I didn't edit the photos from the camera, too much hassle after all the cleaning, I might when I get some time...