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Recent content by Mike@Rentech

  1. Mike@Rentech

    Renault Specialist

    I would pressure bleed as above , then check both front/rear caliper slides are free and pads move ok in pad carriers. Hope that helps
  2. Mike@Rentech

    Renault Specialist

    As long as you dont have braided line clamp off all four brake hoses, see what pedals like. If its spot on you pretty much know it's a brake caliper issue. Then remove each one until the pedal goes crap again. If the above makes no difference pressure bleed at the same time as getting the pedal...
  3. Mike@Rentech

    Please help electrical issue

    I can give you a number of a recovery guy that's local and he wont charge a fortune. PM me if you want.
  4. Mike@Rentech

    Rentech Portsmouth

    I was in church, doing this.....
  5. Mike@Rentech

    Trophy speeding on the M2

    122mph Bellend!!! keep that for tract
  6. Mike@Rentech

    FAQ: Is my dephaser pulley on it's way out?

    Typical dephaser sound, change it.
  7. Mike@Rentech

    Reprogramming remote yourself

    You need a clip system , immobiliser code and you need to know how to do it. Or you can use any decent key programmer, but that will cost way more than paying to have it coded.
  8. Mike@Rentech

    Cambelt change price??

    182/172 cambelt prices Full cambelt kit and accessory belt kit £475 Dephaser adds £175 which also includes oil and filter as required Waterpump adds £80 and this also includes fresh coolant To re-seal cam cover adds £75
  9. Mike@Rentech

    Clio 2 PH1 Lutecia Badge

    good number on my system, so you should be able to get it from your local dealer its £47.15 inc vat
  10. Mike@Rentech

    Clio 182 cam belt side sound deadening loose

    I wouldn't think it would cause your noise. To remove it you will have to support engine and take off drivers side engine mount. Can be removed then.
  11. Mike@Rentech

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    Nice choice Mark, if you ever want a specialist to look after it Alexander Autos are the place to go, other side of the units I'm in. Pop in and say hello if you use them, not seen you in years (:
  12. Mike@Rentech

    Clio 182 cam belt side sound deadening loose

    Remove it , have seen this wrap around the aux belt and take engine out. As long as your wheel arch trim is in good condition with the flappy bit on it , you should not have any trouble. If it's just a bit loose ask you local dealer for mushroom wheel arch trim clips they are what's used to...
  13. Mike@Rentech

    Cambelt Change RS200