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Recent content by npt

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    Flat battery AGAIN!

    Like I said best to find the drain, power must be getting sucked from the battery through one of the fuses, it takes time but should eventually find it, get battery checked also as it may have a weak cell which will hold enough power to start the car in the short term but not enough power over...
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    Adjusting the gearbox linkage slip joint?

    It's simple enough, R, 1, 3 and 5th are back, obviously others are forward, left and right positions are the same as in the car, use 5th to set the gear linkage is best/always worked for me
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    Cracked RS192 centre box

    I'd say this is the best option also if it was me
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    Flat battery AGAIN!

    It should be fine for 4 weeks, you'd need to go through the fuse box and see what's taking power and to check the alternator is producing the voltage it should be, obvious places to start are boot/glove box lights staying on etc
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    Installed new clutch, burnt out already?

    You be maybe put the clutch plate in the wrong way round
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    Timing belt interval... how much leeway

    I would just change it if it was me, if your only doing timing belt kit with no dephaser it's only around £320 mark on a cup fitted by someone who knows what their doing, not a lot of cash for piece of mind imo
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    £5k Trackcar.....

    306 gti6
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    Powder coat costs mk2 subframe black

    If it was me I'd just get items painted with a good zinc primer undercoat, powder coating always starts to fail very easily on certain exposed items on the corners etc if the cars used as a daily etc from my experience, engine parts would be fine maybe but subframes, beams etc will get rattled...
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    What's your favourite car related YouTube channel?

    Both utter bellends for this to take place where it did, if you's want to scrap each other then arrange a meet and fight like men instead of running about like dickheads, as said likely caused damage to other people's cars
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    Turning over but won't start

    I'd say it's not getting fuel, try 5amp fuse within engine bay fuse box
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    Anyone running Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 (19" F30 330D)

    I run rf bridgestones on mine which are fitted from new, got 40k out the last set, they are a bit firm but grip really well in all conditions, tried some conti's on for a while but they ruined the drive so went back to Bridgestone, only issue is their slightly more expensive, I wouldn't fit non...
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    You can get engines from engine dynamics or contact Alex at awmotorsport, both of them could sort you out with what you need
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    Rust repair query

    The rust shown is very common considering these cars are getting on a bit now and the uk weather, you could buy one with no rust seen but its most likely been repaired in the past, they suffer back there due to stonechips to the galv coating and the fuel filler traps s**t at the back, if you...
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    DS1.11 overheating

    You always need a semi grooved disc when running aggressive pads or the above happens
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    Rear shock lower bolt snapped.

    If it's sheared the bolt you'll also need to apply some heat to the threaded section within the beam after you've welded the nut on, it'll come out easy enough once heated