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Recent content by Paul16V

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    So I bid £1 for this and won......

    too much time ....
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    Loads of Clio 172 and Williams parts on e bay!
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    Hid kit

    Mine passed last week with a kit ;)
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    Light steering after adjusting coilvers

    prob your tracking out mate. When i fitted them coilovers on mine the tracking was way out and steering felt weird.
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    HID Fitting Help

    you can cut the original ones, just so you can thread the wires though. I have the clips available for £5 posted if you need any.
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    Xenon Look?

    Mine has projector beams. As long as you fit them well why would they even know that they are standard or not?
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    Xenon Look?

    Mines passed last 2 mot's with HID kit fitted, no issues :)
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    Xenon Look?

    it'll take you ten mins seriously :) I can do a kit in less than 5 now lol. so simple. plug in and your away :)
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    Xenon Look?

    Yes mate the wirings the same on yours as long as they are the projector bulbs, they will be 9005 bulbs. Heres link for replacement bulbs, you need 9005 bulbs. I recommend 6000k bulbs as a maximum :)
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    Xenon Look?

    Oh yeh replacement bulbs are around £10 a pair too for them :)
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    Xenon Look?

    Its really easy to fit. The plug that normally goes into the bulb just plugs into the ballast. Just plug and play. Takes bout 10 mins to fit them seriously :) You only need them on low beam, you can have them on high beam too but there arent any projectors on the high beam side of the...
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    Xenon Look?

    You have projector headlights, may as well make full use of them and fit a plug and play real HID kit mate :) Lot of people bought these already on here, I have one of the kits on my 172, which have the same headlights as your car. The difference is amazing, is a comparison pic on there too :)...
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    lights hid or normal

    Sell them here :)
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    Ph1 172 Light Question

    standard bulbs are like candles in comparison! :)
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    Ph1 172 Light Question

    they are normal bulbs. I sell a xenon conversion kit for them though here: use coupon code 10POUND1 for 10% off till end of this month too :)