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Recent content by PhillipM

  1. PhillipM

    Uprated poly exhaust mounts - how many interested?

    Kev obviously wanted a black pair and decided to DIY it :D
  2. PhillipM

    Uprated poly exhaust mounts - how many interested?

    Small update, mounts will be available in a new material/resin shortly, it's microfoamed internally much like polyurethane bumpstops (or high end dashboard plastics with the soft touch surfaces) - which means the mounts now have more internal damping so I can lower the spring rate a little more...
  3. PhillipM


    I use nordlocks on anything vital
  4. PhillipM

    Coilover refurb

    Be cheaper to buy new casings from AVO than have those prepped and rechromed tbfh, especially given you're going to want new seals, bearings and oil anyway.
  5. PhillipM

    DS1.11 overheating

    Sticky piston, pads too tight in the the caliper sliders and binding when they warm up, calipers misaligned slightly on the mounts, air in the fluid applying a bit of drag when the brakes are warm, master cylinder not quite coming back far enough when the fluid is hot and causing brake drag (are...
  6. PhillipM

    Full race slicks for track days

    Old post to reply to I know but since the thread is bumped - rolling a car is very easy indeed. I've seen people do it at not much more than walking pace with enough grip, more than once. You just need to clip the edge of a kerb or a dip on the apex. Ask my friend with his arm missing 'cause he...
  7. PhillipM

    Dogbone bushes - which colour?!

    That was the exhaust inserts :)
  8. PhillipM

    Off road?

    it's literally a clio shell slapped on a landy chassis.
  9. PhillipM

    Dogbone bushes - which colour?!

    I was charging 50 for the bushes or 65 already pressed into a mount ready to bolt on for a batch - I'll hold that price for one-offs until the material runs out
  10. PhillipM

    Dogbone bushes - which colour?!

    I can knock another up if you want one, I've got the material loaded atm, I don't have much left though.
  11. PhillipM

    My Black Gold (no)mod thread

    I haven't been because the supplier I used to use for resin shut and everyone else I'd tried has been shite compared, apart from one that may work but it's a little softer so I need to tweak the designs. However the last few months I've been trialing some fancy stuff that microfoams as it's made...
  12. PhillipM

    My Black Gold (no)mod thread

    Yeah, mine are 6082 aluminium inserts, you'd have to be going at the bolts like a monkey on steroids to worry 'em.
  13. PhillipM

    Does this look terminal!

    Seen one patched up with fibreglass and hopes and prayers before :D Yeah, that's shot, even if you repaired it it'll crack further around, you can see where it's propagating. That and the casing will have shifted when it went under load so the diff bearings won't be true to each other any more...
  14. PhillipM

    Suspension misconceptions - Preload and height adjustment

    Some of that is b****cks really, the rebound and rebound damping curve required *will* change depending on the spring preload. because you change the forces especially near full rebound travel. Changing the handling and chassis behavior too. Usual case of a little bit of knowledge being a...
  15. PhillipM

    182 Full Custom Roll Cage Design

    Sorry Marquez, didn't see the other PM for some reason - I've sent you a message.