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Recent content by PhillipM

  1. PhillipM

    Competition cambelts?

    I be honest, I do use fancy belts on the buggy, mainly the ones with a second fibre (kevlar) layer, and cross cuts so they can clear out some dust/debris give the usage (and actually herringbone belts on the most vital bits), but for anything else, buy an OE one.
  2. PhillipM

    Poor gear selection - PMS shifter

    This, heavy moly's are fine, I'm talking 20-40% moly stuff, because there's barely any oil to hold dirt and the moly does the work anyway. Same for just rubbing some graphite or moly powder on. Normal greases? Nah.
  3. PhillipM

    Quick question re brake pads

    You can't compare manufacturers friction levels, the testing, pressure temperature, sizes, speed, etc, all vary the friction level far too much. You can compare one manufacturers compounds but you can't compare across 'em.
  4. PhillipM

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    Hey look, a sale! On the other hand, glad I left my system mining before I went out this morning, Eth mining rewards are like 6x the normal today
  5. PhillipM

    Tightening up Gearchange options

    Rotherham, although it looks like someone is on it.
  6. PhillipM

    Tightening up Gearchange options

    I'll see if someone has a gearlever and linkage locally I can buy/beg/borrow to work from.
  7. PhillipM

    Tightening up Gearchange options

    Are they the same as a lot of other french setups, just have a pair of top hat brass bushes on the bottom? I used to make them for similar links on the MA boxes, I can take a look if they're they same I probably have some on the shelf, I used to have Oilite replacements for the bottom of the...
  8. PhillipM

    How would you repair this sill?

    Yeah, I would have just lopped that entire corner out, rebuilt it panel by panel.
  9. PhillipM

    How would you repair this sill?

    For me, personally, anything at all that has to be bent or flexed out to clean up, gets chopped out to thick, sound metal and replaced, you'll never get it quite back right because the metal stretches, especially when it's thin and corroded. The only exception is when I work on classics/vintage...
  10. PhillipM

    Infinity Wax QDX Graphene Review

    The entire point of graphene is you need to use it in huge, long, ordered sheets/chains to benefit from it's properties - that's why nobody is bothered about the natural amount in graphite. ;)
  11. PhillipM

    Infinity Wax QDX Graphene Review

    Yeah, but the graphene is just marketing, they're very careful what they say in the wording if you check it - it's like all these products that slap a bit of graphite in (which contains natural minute traces of graphene) - then slap the graphene word over it, it's dishonest and misleading at best.
  12. PhillipM

    Infinity Wax QDX Graphene Review

    I don't think I'd ever buy it just on the basis of the bullshit 'graphene' marketing push :D
  13. PhillipM

    How would you repair this sill?

    They probably just slap patches over things for the MOT and that's it. Cut it back square to clean, sound metal. Make your life easy.
  14. PhillipM

    Winmax W5 Vs Pagid RS29

    Yeah, endurance pads are really designed to be kept in a fairly tight temperature range - not too cold and not too hot - because outside of that range the lubricants in the pads don't work properly and you get a lot of wear, pickup, etc.
  15. PhillipM

    Exhaust fitting paste

    I use copper filled silicon too, apart from in front of cats/lambdas (it poisons them)