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    James' Clio 220 Trophy

    Good work on those brakes! Got your money worth out of those pads! Car looks lovely as always. Don’t sell up!!!
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    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Saw a Renault estefette van yesterday. Looked awesome and like a mini vw camper van. Only a rubbish pic because I couldn’t get my phone out quick enough!
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    My Monaco blue 172 pics

    Very nice and welcome. Sits lovely on the turinis and eibachs!
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    K4M project daily

    I fitted lowering springs to my 1.2 clio of the same era as yours and with the 172 alloys on handled really well. I would imagine you ‘could’ fit 172 shocks and springs without doing the whole widetrack fitment which might give the ride and height of a 172.
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    New looking to buy 2013-2015

    Yeah it’s my boot that creaks especially when I back off my drive or go on a funny angle! And I’ve not heard of gearbox problems…. (Fingers crossed!!) but I know the software was crap hence the software update being a good idea to pay for on ph1.
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    New looking to buy 2013-2015

    I’ve had it 3 months and *yes it has. Had the gearbox software updated at Renault, spark plugs and aux belt and tensioner changed due to age and little trim bits replaced but on the whole it’s really good. Also don’t have any rattles. Creaks, yes a few, but rattles, no! good luck with your...
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    New looking to buy 2013-2015

    Hi and welcome. You won’t regret buying a 200edc or indeed a 220edc if your budget stretches. I’ve got a 200edc 2014 and it’s brilliant! *touch wood* there aren’t much that seems to be a problem with them, but lower radiator clips seem to fail and when the battery is old and near it’s time it...
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    Steves' PH2 200T

    That looks beautiful and perfect stance! I desperately want to get rid of the arch gap! It does ruin the look of the car with the factory ride height.
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    Albi blue 197 Featherstone

    Saw a lovely looking 197 heading off the m54 island earlier today towards Featherstone. Looked really nice and wheels looked nicely spaced.
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    2013 Clio Wiring Fault

    Depending on where you are get it to @MicKPM at diamond motors. He is a god with these things. Best of taking it to a Renault specialist who can plug it in to clip and read it properly.
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    Standard dog bone mounts?

    Unless your trying to put it back to standard, I’d definitely change the bushes in the standard one for power flex. One of the best things I did on my 182 and 172. I think they are still available standard though, especially from AUTODOC and other online places.
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    Golf PD130 Banger

    Yeah sorry, I couldn’t think then what it was, but I used a length of pipe and a filter. It passed an mot too with it on. Agreed very strange name, but when you do it it does look like an elephant trunk (unless mine was too long! Ha)
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    Golf PD130 Banger

    Good progress and nice to see the golf being saved! Looks much better now. when I had my Fabia vrs I did the ‘elephant mod’ which did feel like it made a difference. Worth having a look for a few quid.
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    Back in a Trophy…a little more modern though

    Congrats on the purchase and enjoy! Liquid yellow is the best colour for these. 😔
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    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    My uncle back in the day had an vectra supertouring saloon. That went really well and sounded awesome.