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    Should I buy a trophy as an investment?

    If you expect the value to go up, it needs to have everything. “I did the belts because it’s easy” is the opposite.
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    Am I missing something?!

    Don’t be fooled by good photography.
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    I must be mad !!!

    I really hope that’s a red primer.
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    iPhone Cup Holder Mount

    Has anyone used anything like this?
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    When will the CSS 2013 video go live?

    2012 events (CSS & Trax) were me filming.
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    E92 335i

    This is lovely. The numbers for brakes/tyre did make me wince a bit though. But I suppose that's what nice cars cost. I had a nosey when you added me on Instagram. Took me a minute to realise it was you and I only realised that by seeing your old collection of DVDs! Ha.
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    Your Favourite clio related youtube video...
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    ClioSport Calendar 2013

    Yup. That's the cover.
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    Expensive Week :/

    Wow. So not only did you have to spend £871 on car maintenance you're also going to need a few quid for tampons.
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    Am I Mad??

    I wanted an AG 200. Looking on AT/PH. You see people paying best part of £20k for a new one with good spec. Then there's one a few years old for £10k. Yes, it's second hand. Yes, the warranty is close to running out. Yes, someone has driven it from cold and farted in the seats. But to lose so...
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    What the fcuking fcuk?? (Incredibly NWS)

    Re: What the fcuking fcuk?? I can record/host.
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    FIFA 13

    Well that 150k was about 5days worth of trading to earn. No big deal really. But I didn't lose all of it. Sold the good players/stuff. Quick sold the rest. Ended up with about 70k left. Having spent 195k. Will try this stupid plan again when there's another good TOTW.
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    FIFA 13

    I bought 26 packs last night. 195,000 coins. Best I got was Hugeone, Agger and Tiote. With a few modifier cards dotted around. No luck like Scutch.
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    FIFA 13

    Pique is s**t. He does this stupid lunge thing all the time and doesn't get anywhere near it. Then it's too late. I have Alba - Ramos - Puyol - Juan Fran Puyol isn't fast but he's strong and you just have to position him right. 150k up atm. But I'm buying 20 packs tomorrow :D Then I'll...