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Recent content by Ricardos

  1. Ricardos

    First & current hot hatch

    First hot hatch, a 205 GTI 1.6 I bought 4 weeks after passing my test. I got bored with the 997cc 4 speed pastel blue Ford Fiesta so i took a loan about to buy this. Loved it even though it spent more time in Campions Peugeot of Lincoln where my dad worked in the parts department back in the...
  2. Ricardos

    Clio 220 Trophy R3T spec

    Just thought I'd clear my name 😁 it was kept on the lowdown for ages, my friend a salesman for Renault at the time bought it new then sold it to him. He has loads of bodyshop photos as it was being repaired, the guy put his hand in his own pocket to have it done.
  3. Ricardos

    Clio 220 Trophy R3T spec

    It's NOT my old car. I sold the wheels to the chap when I part exchanged it for the Mégane 280, he then took it to Castle Combe and stacked it. He had it repaired and was unrecorded, then sold it on.
  4. Ricardos

    Ricardo's Kangoo project

    **DEPOSIT TAKEN** With the Coronavirus situation, having 3 vehicles, and work being sketchy there wasn't much I could do. I'd used money from the savings to buy it 2 weeks before the big C kicked in so quickly but it's needed just in case.
  5. Ricardos

    21ten Automotive Art - Renaultsport 172/182 (other models can be available)

    Looks similar to what Ben at Petrolgauge is doing... It's a nice idea
  6. Ricardos

    Big Steve's RB Clio 182 Cup Restoration

    It's crazy how far you look into the areas how corrosion is setting in on these. Keep up the amazing monumental work 👌
  7. Ricardos

    Adeys Twingo GT, grab a bargain

    If only I could sell the van!
  8. Ricardos

    ClioSport 2020 Calendar - Submit Your Photos Now!

    Can't wait for March, April, Mays pictures 😬
  9. Ricardos

    Lack of interest in my BG182

    Aaah but what type of sand? 😁 Pit Sand Sharp Sand Ballast
  10. Ricardos

    Lack of interest in my BG182

    I'm only here for the classic CS quotes as this unfolds. Posts ad with no pics, no interest, asks why....... Cue the replies Sweepstake on when this thread gets locked 😁
  11. Ricardos

    Gearbox type

    Just found this, I'm after a box and wanted to know the difference.
  12. Ricardos

    All new Mk5 Renault Clio

    Me too, that threw me too trying to find the boot switch at first. Grubby fingers in the winter months
  13. Ricardos

    All new Mk5 Renault Clio

    I averaged high 40s and saw low 50s on a good run
  14. Ricardos

    All new Mk5 Renault Clio

    As much as I love the RS Line I think I'd miss the 330hp too much, although I don't use it that much when I do it's awesome to put the foot down. I've seen a 220 Trophy at Renault Retail a grand cheaper than the Mk5 so I'm going to make a call about that just to see what the monthlies will be...
  15. Ricardos

    All new Mk5 Renault Clio

    Such a nice colour that, I popped into my local Renault dealer last week and they actually offered me the same RS Line demo car I test drove before Christmas. The Mégane 280 hardly gets used and going RS Line would free up some money on the monthly payments. They've given me numbers and left it...