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Recent content by riche

  1. riche

    Great selection of cars and sounds!! 56k warning!
  2. riche

    Great selection of cars and sounds!!

    The photographer at that event is registered ove ron Corsasport and this is a weekly event called Cars and Coffee, he posts every sunday a selection of the photos, hundreds each week! ill try find a link! serious car porn!
  3. riche

    Mobile applications....

    Best site for mobile downloads? inc. games, animated wallpapers, screensavers etc... Just got a w910i
  4. riche

    I had a wheely good weekend...

    Loving the wheels. 8 though?
  5. riche

    Stupid riding - UK Ghostrider

    Some mad riding on there, ive seen worse on the ghostrider DVDs though. Does anyone know the tune 2:20 in on the second video?? Rich.
  6. riche

    New toy!

    Stunning! Theres a white Murcialago (sp) driving round near here at the mo!
  7. riche

    show us your tv and stand..

    ^ and clearly a showhome lol
  8. riche

    Where can I watch LOST Season 3 online?
  9. riche

    Xbox360 damaged a game, will......

    Microsoft replace this disk? My 360 had a drive problem and was sent back because it wouldnt play any games, the game that was in the 360 when it happened got damaged. Any had this problem?
  10. riche

    Hard Drive problem.......

    Right i recently built a new computer but i am having trouble with the 250gb hard drive. I Have formatted it and installed windows but when i click on the C: Drive in My Computer, It says there is only 127gb available and 126gb free or there abouts :S I didnt partition it, so there isnt another...
  11. riche

    Bigmaddaz Last night.........

    KFC last night mate, i was in the valver in drive-thru Cars looking good on those superturismos :cool: Rich.
  12. riche

    HD TV for £600......

    I cant find the link, but im sure i have seen the 32" samsung for £500 as i am currently after a new HD LCD for the house. Anyone have links for the best deals?
  13. riche

    Rare Occasion......

    Check for sale ad.......... Rich.
  14. riche

    Track Rod end MK1

    I had this problem changing mine as there are two different types apparently. couldnt tell you if you have the right one though, ask to see them both at the place you bought them. Rich.
  15. riche

    Rare Occasion......

    I washed the valver :cool: Only because its up for sale though lol. Rich.