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Recent content by Saamm93

  1. Saamm93

    CSS 2014: Two Weeks(ish) to Go!

    Can't believe I'm on holiday for this. Absolutely gutted
  2. Saamm93

    KTR Clio JLR Witley

    Floored it past the traffic lights at about 20 past 7. Sounded beautiful
  3. Saamm93

    Few cars from Central London last weekend.

    Some brilliant pictures there mate :)
  4. Saamm93

    Where to get 3/4 number plates?

    Just don't put it in for an MOT with it on lol. Been running mine for over a year and no issues
  5. Saamm93

    Red trophy parked in Ricoh car park (pics)

    Was me. On a course there for the day :)
  6. Saamm93

    ClioSport Saturday 2014 - Full Show Information

    When will ticket sales close on this?
  7. Saamm93

    La Vie en Bleu - Sunday 25th May (Trophy Meet)

    Going to have to pull out, mum has booked a family holiday in Bournemouth. Sorry guys :(
  8. Saamm93

    Black 182 JR Witley packed next to my Trophy (Pic)

    Packed next to my my Trophy in the corner
  9. Saamm93

    La Vie en Bleu - Sunday 25th May (Trophy Meet)

    Count me in Tim. I may have a plus one but ill let you know ASAP
  10. Saamm93


    Will be my first year, coming alone as well
  11. Saamm93

    Whats the benefits 16" to 15"

    Would it be worth going from trophy turnis (205/45/16) over to the 15's?
  12. Saamm93

    West Midlands General Chat thread

    Dam you guys respond quick. Cheers fellas
  13. Saamm93

    West Midlands General Chat thread

    Cheers mate, I have some lacquer peel on the bonnet and wings so going to get the whole front end done.. I'll give them a call on Monday :)