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Recent content by Sash

  1. Sash

    Violent judder and loss of drive

    If the revs are rising but the speed isn’t then surely that’s the clutch slipping. The judder is likely to be hot spots on the clutch/flywheel I’d have thought.
  2. Sash

    Deciding wither to buy another 172

    The early Ph1’s May have had sunroofs, I don’t know! One of the tell tale signs of a ph2 1*2 rep is usually a sunroof
  3. Sash

    Deciding wither to buy another 172

    I’m not 100% sure but I didn’t think the RS’ came with sunroofs!?
  4. Sash

    Swapping tyres over

    I got stung £80 for swap without disposal 🤦🏼‍♀️ Was running out of time to get them done before a trackday.
  5. Sash

    Anyone running a PMS sump guard? - Increased vibration?

    Should have used one of those shiny hand tools you’ve got, might have caught it before that happened 😉
  6. Sash

    Stuck fuel flap

    Try this!
  7. Sash

    Hi all, back in a 172!!! 😃😃😃

    Welcome back! Enjoy 😊
  8. Sash

    [Cancelled] Essex Breakfast Meet @ The Car Studio, Witham

    I’m working till 11:00 but can pop over afterwards?
  9. Sash

    Black 182 Gt Dunmow

    He works at Taylor’s.
  10. Sash

    Check auto gearbox.

    You’re quite right I did. A new AGM battery seems to have solved that issue. Mine would only do it on start up I.e the time of biggest drain on the battery. I don’t recall it ever doing it while moving so I think this might be a different issue 😕
  11. Sash

    Paint Repair

    If it was LY I’d want it blending regardless 😁
  12. Sash

    Paint Repair

    Nope. It’s a complete panel job and depending on the colour it’s advisable to get it blended.
  13. Sash

    Wings Cafe Breakfast Meet Sunday August 2nd 10:30am

    Car is still relatively clean.... 🤣
  14. Sash

    Wings Cafe Breakfast Meet Sunday August 2nd 10:30am

    I’m working till 11:00 so can stop by after!
  15. Sash

    PPF on roof

    You’ve reminded me I need to remove mine for the roofbox and redo it. I just buy Clear vinyl off ebay though so not exactly what you’re after!