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Recent content by Sash

  1. Sash

    New member with Clio mk4 Trophy

    Hi and welcome 👋🏼 Another mk4 owner 😁
  2. Sash

    34k mile 172

    Welcome to the club!! I’d be giving it a thorough service inc cambelt etc (if it’s not been done recently) before doing anything else!
  3. Sash

    New windscreen required see image

    Because the likes of autoglass don’t supply OEM glass if it’s a £75 (Or whatever your insurance excess is) windscreen Replacement. If you want genuine glass you’ll have to pay the difference in cost.
  4. Sash

    New windscreen required see image

    Any of the big guys can supply what you want. You’ll have to pay extra for an OEM screen though.
  5. Sash

    Tyre Dressings

    Must be the lighting/camera. The close up was taken the day before the other pic. Plus the tyre isn’t dripping in the stuff 😁 but it has a nice sheen in person.
  6. Sash

    Tyre Dressings

    I’m still using the bottle of endurance I bought many years ago!! Over the years I’ve used many different ways to apply it but my latest purchase of this CarPro applicator makes applying just the right amount of product easier!
  7. Sash

    Tyre Dressings

    Has the car even moved? 🤷🏼‍♀️
  8. Sash

    Non sport mk3 A406 Palmers Green

    CS sticker in rear window. Nice gaffa tape 😁
  9. Sash

    CSF20 ClioSport Festival 2020 - Cancellation Announcement

    Gutted. 😫😢 Maybe I should have gone for the refundable hotel option 🤣 I want to thank the entire Admin team for their continuous hard work and dedication 👏🏼 🍻 Roll on 2021 and a better year! Take care and stay safe xx
  10. Sash

    New member Clio trophy mk4

    Another Mk4 owner 👋🏼
  11. Sash

    New clio owner looking for advice

    Unfortunately being a derv it’ll only ever sound more like a tractor with any exhaust mods. Trust me, I know. 😂 Team Heko wind deflectors are the ones to get, they won’t do anything for noise reduction btw if anything they make it worse but you can have the windows open a crack with out getting...
  12. Sash

    First & current hot hatch

    How many years ago are we talking?
  13. Sash

    First & current hot hatch

    I’m sure I recognise that Golf! It’s had a fair amount of work on it recently if it’s the same one.
  14. Sash

    What have you done to your car today ???

    I know of one for sale..!
  15. Sash

    What have you done to your car today ???

    Not my car but I had the job of giving this the once over, was quite concerned about touching the canvas for fear of A) it falling apart & B) it looking 10x worse than it does already so I opted to play safe and leave it be. It doesn’t look too different from a distance but it’s noticeably less...