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    CSF20 ClioSport Festival 2020 - Book Tickets Now!

  2. Sash


    Hi and welcome! ^what he said 🤣
  3. Sash

    Good Graphics Company

    Chap called Ryan Kilner @kngrafix on the Facebook page would be my first port of call.
  4. Sash

    Been reversed into

    Going straight to the 3rd party insurer enables you to keep control. You can chose your own repairer too. However I would only go to 3rd party if it is 100% their fault and have evidence to support this. I’ve unfortunately had 2 instances this year and the latter one denied hitting me and...
  5. Sash

    Low mileage insurance

    I’ve got my Megane on a low mileage policy with @Neil@greenlight
  6. Sash

    Hi New Clio RS owner here

    Don’t think any of them had covers. Shame really as it’s not a very pretty engine really.
  7. Sash

    Advice for Potential RS 18 F1 buyer

    I’m running cooksport springs and no, it’s great. My pupils love it too 😁
  8. Sash

    Advice for Potential RS 18 F1 buyer

    74k on mine as a daily workhorse and touch wood no issues at all really. I’ve replaced both front wishbones, tyres and brakes and that’s pretty much it in the last 50k apart from oil changes. I’m looking to get my seats rebolstered as they’ve gone a little flat but what do you expect when I...
  9. Sash

    Coffee & Cars - Museum of Power, Maldon 25th Aug 2019

    @RyG @Dr Jekyll @Rob @TheEvilGiraffe @MrBlonde @DannyR @c4pob @Kyle 86 @rs 1an @RSsprint @Scrooge @Brian @Vicky
  10. Sash

    Coffee & Cars - Museum of Power, Maldon 25th Aug 2019

    Any one up for this?
  11. Sash

    Liquid Yellow Repair

    As much as I’d like to believe that’s true the paint job is only going to be as good as the painter on the day.
  12. Sash

    Liquid Yellow Repair

    Recent dealings with them haven’t been so good.? I have indeed, I’ve spoken with @Cramps already ?
  13. Sash

    New to the forum

    Hi and welcome to CS!
  14. Sash

    Hi New Clio RS owner here

    Hi and welcome! Do you have pics of the car?
  15. Sash

    Clio 197 or Abarth 500

    I think it was my neighbours visitor, I wasn’t fussed I was waiting for a lift to a bbq ?