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Recent content by Sir_Dave

  1. Sir_Dave

    Making an offer - 172 Cup

    Feel free to sell it to me for £1k then. You beat me to it 😂
  2. Sir_Dave

    RyG’s Porsche Cayman GT4

    Appreciate the kind words @RyG even though for whatever reason, it just wasnt meant to be this time round 😩 As said previously said on here though, we started offering car finance to forum members purely to save them some money over the dealer offerings. So whilst we couldnt do the finance this...
  3. Sir_Dave

    These days, 5 grand buys an e70 X5 3.0SD ...

    Got stance yo. Old, miley X5 in broken down shocker Went to drive it last Sunday and when putting Sophia in her seat (after the cold start black smog cloud had cleared obviously), it became apparent that not only was the passenger left hand side rather a lot lower than it should be, but it...
  4. Sir_Dave

    £5k Trackcar.....

    R53 Mini. Mine was absolutely epic on track. When it wasnt broken.
  5. Sir_Dave

    Baby monitors and other baby stuff

    Its useful at the moment as the change bag/wet weather gear/shopping etc can all go on the buggy, also lockdown baby means we havent exactly been travelling around all over the place anyway :ROFLMAO: we were going to get a Babyzen YoYo, but decided that it was just a little flimsy for walks in...
  6. Sir_Dave

    Baby monitors and other baby stuff

    We're at 6 months and i cant see any reason why we would need to change what we have for a very long time! Our buggy purchase was based solely around the need to fit in the boot of Sarahs TT with the seats still up, naturally (as with all my big purchases, i created a spreadsheet to compare...
  7. Sir_Dave

    iPhone 12

    I bought an 11 last year for that very reason!! Ummed and ahhed about the Pro for the telephoto lens but just couldnt justify it ... actually ended up getting Sarah an X a couple of months later for comparison. Glad i didnt pay the extra for the Pro tbh, literally never use the telephoto lens on...
  8. Sir_Dave

    These days, 5 grand buys an e70 X5 3.0SD ...

    Boring update on the X5 now i've sold the e91. It works perfectly as a shed - just a shame that after clearing the flat of baby stuff and taking some lovely photos, we havent had a single viewing 😂 Compared to the TT, it is absolutely massive The boot button is now slightly less minging...
  9. Sir_Dave

    I bought my dream car.

    Same. I do love these old ones. Also, they are at the kind of price point that when the engine does sh1t itself, you can have a go at rebuilding it yourself. Or dropping an LS in it. Excellent purchase @Jason_E Barring the interior. f**k my eyes.
  10. Sir_Dave

    e91 335i. The Unicorn.

    Massive congrats to you as well @JD Lockdown babies FTW :ROFLMAO: :love:
  11. Sir_Dave

    Weekend car - Accidental....

    Oh that is lovely! Have always fancied one of those V8 bathtubs :love:
  12. Sir_Dave

    e91 335i. The Unicorn.

    So this sold yesterday to the chap that owns Millennium Heroes/Fast Classics/Octane Collection ... he rocked up in a mega mile '56 plate 335d touring that this will apparently replace, but i fully expect it to be back up for sale at eleventy billion pounds in due course. I cant complain...
  13. Sir_Dave

    iPhone 12

    I loved faceid, right up until the point we all started to wear masks all the time :rolleyes: Paying for stuff now requires a pin again, instead of faceid/thumbprint.
  14. Sir_Dave

    £10k RB 182 (Motorsport)

    As theyre Mark Fish invoices theyre perfectly believable :ROFLMAO: :LOL:
  15. Sir_Dave

    e91 335i. The Unicorn.

    Perhaps. But at least my estate works 😘 (i have asked for some bodywork quotes)